Resident Evil Village: How to Kill Mother Miranda?

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The wait is finally over! Your chance of taking down the mastermind of the game is finally here. Mother Miranda is the much-awaited final boss of Resident Evil Village. She’s hard to win over and puts up a good fight with Ethan. Here’s how you kill Mother Miranda in RE Village. 

1. The Scene

After eliminating Mother Miranda’s four lords – Lady Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento, Salvatore Moreau, and Karl Heisenberg, Ethan then get to have a direct dialect with Mother Miranda herself.

She goes ahead and tells Ethan about her plans on resurrecting her daughter Eva using Rosemary’s body. Miranda also tells how she disguised herself as Mia fooling both Ethan and Chris, and managed to flee with Rose.

She then used Ethan to eliminate all the four lords and had plans to appoint Ethan as his Lieutenant.

However, finding Ethan of no use, she then kills him by ripping out his heart and eventually quenching it. She then left Ethan to die and moved on to prepare the final phase of the ceremony.

Mother Miranda theoretically kills Ethan by ripping his heart out
Mother Miranda theoretically kills Ethan by ripping his heart out

Meanwhile, Chris pursued Mother Miranda with his BSAA Hound Wolf elite squad and managed to plant a bomb at the Megamycete. He also happened to discover Miranda’s Laboratory, inside which he finds Mia alive.

He then tells Mia that Ethan is dead and later shifted Mia to a safer location and went on to take down Mother Miranda.

Ethan, supposedly dead, envisions Eveline, the Resident Evil: Biohazard antagonist. She then tells Ethan that he has been dead all along and was infected with the E-Virus after being killed by Jack Baker during the first hour of the previous game.

Ethan envisions Eveline and she tells him why he is so special
Ethan envisions Eveline and she tells him why he is so special

This explains why Ethan can heal so quickly and re-attach his body parts using just a sheer amount of willpower and medicine.

Ethan manages to live, though still coming on terms with his body made up of black mold caused by the Virus. He finds himself inside the Duke’s carriage, who eventually leads him to Mother Miranda.

2. Recommended Weapons to Kill Mother Miranda

  • SYG-12
  • V61 Custom
  • GM 79
  • F2 Rifle

3. How to Kill Mother Miranda

During the ceremony, Miranda is taken aback when she finds out Rosemary has reincarnated instead of Eva. She can also feel the loss of her strength with the arrival of revived Ethan at the scene.

Rosemary reincarnates instead of Eva
Rosemary reincarnates instead of Eva

She then allows fungus root to release all of its power as a last resort to stick to her plan. During the process, she fractures her body and shows off her true age. She then comes after Ethan with everything that she has.

Regular Form

Mother Miranda's Regular Form
Mother Miranda’s Regular Form

The fight begins with Mother Miranda’s regular form. In this form, she’s least treacherous and stays on the ground while casually walking towards you. She’ll attack you with some slashes or later on will use roots emerging from the ground and sending them towards you.

The best strategy would be to dodge her attacks by constantly running around her, turning around, and landing some shots whenever possible.

3.1 Go For The Headshots

Go for the headshots
Go for the headshots

Try and shoot at the head to kill Mother Miranda rather quickly, as headshots inflict much more damage than body shots. However, connecting headshots will be a tough task as Miranda moves as much as you do.

Try to dodge her but when up close shooting at point blank with shotgun will inflict much more damage.

3.2 Listen To Sounds Carefully

Shooting at point blank with shotgun will inflict much more damage
Shooting at point blank with shotgun will inflict much more damage

There will come a time where Miranda clouds the arena in darkness. During this period, the key is to listen carefully. It’ll be advantageous for you if you’re wearing a headphone. Miranda talks a lot in this part. Just follow the direction of her voice, and you’ll be dodging her attacks easily.

3.3 Plant Mines

Plant mines bombs effectively
Plant mines bombs effectively

During the phase where your vision turns black, Mines and stick bombs will come to your rescue! Use them efficiently. Plant a mine or throw a bomb close to you so when Miranda draws closer to you in hope of attacking you, takes a ton of damage by the bombs.

3.4 Don’t Get Hit By The Roots

Avoid getting hit by the roots
Avoid getting hit by the roots

During the fight, you’ll often find Mother Miranda to land on the ground and sweep her arms. Her action is followed by root-like molds sprouting within the ground and coming at you in waves. You can dodge the root attack by running around the place.

Flying Form

Mother Miranda's Flying Form
Mother Miranda’s Flying Form

The deadliest form of her, you have to be most cautious for this one. She has two types of attacks in her arsenal during her flying form.

Firstly, where she flies straight towards you and attacks you. Secondly, where she summons balls of light that shoot flames and inflicts great damage on you.

3.5 Dodge Her Flying Charge

Run to the other side when she flies towards you
Run to the other side when she flies towards you

During her flying form, she’ll charge towards you upfront. To dodge her, run to the other side when she flies towards you. Moreover, turn around and counter shoot her as she recovers from her move.

3.6 Destroy the Light Orbs

How to kill Mother Miranda
Destroy the Light Orbs before they inflicts damage on you

During Miranda’s flying form, you’ll often find her rising up in the air and summoning orbs. These orbs turn yellow and attack you with flames. You can either hide or destroy them.

You can play safely by hiding from the orbs behind the roots. Moreover, you can also shoot the orbs before they begin shooting on you to avoid the situation altogether. However, the orbs do take quite a damage before going down.

Spider Form

Mother Miranda's Spider Form
Mother Miranda’s Spider Form

This is the last form that Mother Miranda takes over. You’re now one step away to finally be able to kill Mother Miranda. Her Spider Form is lethal but can be easily dodged. Just keep track of her movements, and you’ll be good to go.

3.7 Dodge her Jump Attack

How to kill Mother Miranda
To dodge her Jump attack sprint away when you see her preparing to jump

This attack style is quite similar to that of Urias, the mini-boss that you previously encountered. In her spider form, she attacks you by jumping on you.

To dodge the attack, sprint away when you see her preparing to jump. Try to land some headshots to take down Mother Miranda quickly.

4. How to kill Mother Miranda: Conclusion

Everything about Mother Miranda justifies her role as the antagonist of the game. As the final boss, she’s tricky to take down and has quite a number of attacks hidden under her sleeves.

You have to be cautious while confronting her and also be able to dodge her attack timely. Give her all that you have, spend up all your Lie, load up your arsenal, and get ready to kill Mother Miranda.

With precise aim, smart gameplay, and effective use of your armory, you’ll easily manage to kill Mother Miranda, the final boss of Resident Evil Village.

Mother Miranda dies and calcify away
Mother Miranda dies and calcify away

So this is how you kill Mother Miranda in Resident Evil Village, also don’t forget to pen down your thoughts in the comment section on whether she was the worthy final boss for the title?

5. About Resident Evil Village

The latest 8th addition to the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom launched Resident Evil Village on 8 May 2021. A survival horror game powered by RE Engine sets the scene after the horrifying events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. The story revolves around the protagonist Ethan who goes against all evil odds to get back his kidnapped daughter. The game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and PC.

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