How to beat Jumbo Puff in Biomutant using the Mekton

You must already be familiar with a giant monster with a head of a shark that goes by the name of Jumbo Puff in the game. He has given many appearances in the game as of now. But until now, you did not have the chance to take him down. It is during the Gizmo Quest you can beat Jumbo Puff in Biomutant.

1. How to defeat Jumbo Puff in Biomutant

It is with Jumbo Puff that you get to have your first boss fight in Biomutant. He’s one of the first-world eaters that you’re going to encounter in the game. Here’s how to take down Jumbo Puff in Biomutant.

I. Reach Jumbo Puff Palace

Jumbo Puff location must have already been updated on your map by now. Before going there, go to the gizmo shop and ready your Mekton. You’ll be needing this for the fight. Now, follow the map to reach Jumbo Puff Place, there you’ll encounter Jumbo Puff.

Jumbo Puff location on Map
Jumbo Puff location on Map

Jumbo Puff Place is situated towards the end of the westernmost root of the Tree of Life. The compound has large concrete walls covering its perimeter. As you approach the compound, the front gates will automatically open for you, revealing Jumbo Puff inside. Moreover, it is here you get to beat Jumbo Puff in Biomutant.

II. Stay Mobile during the fight

The fight begins with Jumbo Puff dropping down the tree root and charging towards you. You need to make good use of your Mekton’s guns. Keep running and shooting at him to dodge his attacks, meanwhile giving him ample loads of damage.

Keep moving to dodge his attacks
Keep moving to dodge his attacks

Beware of his long tongue attack as it inflicts quite a toll on your health. There’s a lot of space for you to move around, use that for your favor. Hiding behind buildings is pointless as he can easily break those, though doing it still buys you time.

After you get his health down enough he will jump back onto the tree root. He’ll then start throwing boulders towards you. The only option left for you is to dodge them as Jumbo Puff is immune to any damage during this period.

Dodge the boulders thrown by Jumbo Puff towards you
Dodge the boulders thrown by Jumbo Puff towards you

III. Launch Sqvip Critter

Once he’s back down from the tree root, he’ll try to suck you into his stomach. To defeat Jumbo Puff, as he tries to suck you down his belly, launch Sqvip critter at him as prompted by the game. After you do so, he’ll stop trying to eat you for a while. However, at the point where only two-thirds of his health remains, he will pull down an electric wire to attack you with it.

Jumbo Puff tries to suck you into his stomach
Jumbo Puff tries to suck you into his stomach

You can dodge his attacks by dashing away from the wire that he whips at you. You can also strafe left and right to dodge his attacks while continuing to shoot at him. Halfway through his health he’ll again shift back to the tree root and will begin to throw boulders at you.

Dash away as he attacks you
Dash away as he attacks you

However, once he’s back he’ll again try to suck you down in his stomach. Use the Sqvip critter again as you did before to prevent him from gulping you.

IV. Climb the Red Nodules

After you inflict enough damage to bring down his health to one-third of its maximum capacity, you’re going to enter in a cutscene. In the cutscene, he’s going to grab you out of the Mekton and swallow you down in his stomach.

Climb the red nodules to make your way to his heart
Climb the red nodules to make your way to his heart

Once inside Jumbo Puff’s stomach, you need to climb the red nodules on the wall. The nodules will lead you to his fluid vessels.

V. Shoot at Jumbo Puff’s Heart to kill him in Biomutant

On the very left of the vessel, you’re going to find his heart. You need to destroy the heart to take down Jumbo Puff in Biomutant. While doing so, you’ll also encounter little worms that will attack you.

Shoot his heart to beat Jumbo Puff in Biomutant
Shoot his heart to beat Jumbo Puff

Killing those worms will be fairly easy. However, other than the worms you will also come across streams of fluid inside the creature’s vessel. Once hit by the stream you’ll end up back down in the stomach from where you began. If that happens, simply repeat the whole process again and try to keep shooting at the heart.

Once you reduce his heart health to zero, Jumbo Puff is going to cough you out and die. That’s it the Jumbo Puff is now defeated in Biomutant.

2. Conclusion

You beat the Jumbo Puff in Biomutant
Jumbo Puff is now finally defeated

Taking down Jumbo Puff in Bio Mutant is fairly simple and easy. To beat Jumbo Puff in Biomutant, you need to dodge his attacks by constantly moving around, stay out of his reach, effectively using Sqvip Critter, and quickly destroying his heart. So this is how you defeat Jumbo Puff in Bio Mutant, Happy Gaming!

3. About Biomutant

Developed by Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic, Biomutant is a single-player, open-world, action role-playing game. The game is playable in a third-person perspective as a mammalian warrior in a world filled with mutated animals. Biomutant has in-game abilities to use, and the combat system includes melee attacks along with long-range shooting. The game is available on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

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