How Netflix Is Using AI in 2022 For Better User Experience?

Since the pandemic arrived in 2019-20, Over-the-top (OTT) services have gained very much popularity. It has become a huge market in the digital world. The OTT platforms are expected to have reached a growth rate of 19% and become a market of 438.5 billion USD. Netflix is the biggest OTT platform (in terms of subscribers) with about 222 subscribers worldwide. The most important technology that helps this kind of OTT platform to increase user engagement and experience is Artificial Intelligence. Netflix also uses AI for many major features ranging from movies recommendation to thumbnail selection. Let’s discuss the top 8 ways in which Netflix uses Artificial intelligence.

1. Web show and movie recommendations to users

Netflix Recommendations
Netflix Recommendations

Netflix uses an AI algorithm to collect the different data from the user and recommend movies to the user. They use this algorithm in order to recommend movies or web shows to the users so they keep subscribing to the service. The Algorithm takes many factors in mind to understand the choices of users which include the past movies watched by the user, the movies liked, the movies reviewed, the previous searched keywords, etc. This Algorithm shows the users the best movie recommendations after calculating the interests of users and which movies they are likely to watch most. This keeps them interacting with Netflix and continuing their subscriptions alive.

2. Image personalization for viewers

Netflix uses the algorithm to decide which images are users going to interact with most while scrolling through the page. It recommends different titles and images to the user based on their interactions and likings. This feature is the one which is a primary reason for its’ overwhelmed success. As the user before closing the application will scroll the page for at least 1 minute. Netflix is always trying to use this 1 minute in their favor and keep them on at the application. The algorithm is based on A/B testing, which checks impacts on user interaction on different kinds of titles and images. And based on its results, it will personalize users’ scrolling page.

3. AVA for creating appropriate thumbnail images

Netflix earlier used the thumbnails that were provided by the studio partners. But these images were not helpful for keeping the users interacting. So, they started to generate their own thousands of thumbnails based on static video frames. They can get thousands of static video frames from a single one-hour show, and therefore can help them to personalize thumbnails. These thumbnails are generated by using AVA algorithms. Then based on users’ likings and ways of interaction different thumbnails are shown to the different users.

4. AI for creating highlights in Netflix

The meta-data for videos play a vital role to make their videos searchable on the internet. Each frame of each video in the library of Netflix consists of the metadata. It consists of the basic description of the frame including the information about characters. It will also represent what will be the emotional state of character, and what he will perform. Netflix extracts this metadata and then by using AI they create customized highlights. This helps Netflix to recommend users the shows they will love. Based on highlights users can decide which show they should watch and which one they will like.

5. AI for Switching between video qualities

AI technology used by Netflix can easily detect which video quality to show based on internet speeds. The AI algorithms can easily switch between different video qualities without disturbing the experience of users. Netflix offers up to 4K Quality of video playback. So, it becomes a major point of concern to users that they should not be shown long buffering. Smart quality switching reduces the users’ waiting time and keeps the user interacting.

6. AI to ensure content quality in Netflix

Using an AI algorithm, Netflix evaluates the quality of content like audio, video, and subtitles. The algorithm tests all these parameters and then marks the quality test as pass or fail. If the test fails, then it is again retested by human quality control to ensure that only quality content should reach the users.

7. Ensure Quality of streaming service

AI in Netflix helps it to determine the traffic that will be present during the forecast of certain movies or web series. It can predict approximately how many users will simultaneously be watching their show. By knowing this information, they take future steps such as to prevent the rise in loading time, they store regional servers.

8. Use of bigdata and AI in Netflix

Netflix has about 222 million subscribers worldwide. Millions of people use Netflix data. It creates a very huge amount of data. As Netflix will like to store users’ last watched movies, likes, reviews, ratings, etc. They analyze this data and make future decisions based on this data by using AI in Netflix.


Netflix is currently ruling in terms of using Artificial Intelligence in the right way. It is using AI in the most useful ways possible and will continue to do so. AI is the best technology if used in correct ways can help the company to grow very quickly. The subscriptions of Netflix and user satisfaction clearly demonstrate how well AI is being used in Netflix.

Which feature from the above do you think is the most incredible use of AI? Do tell us in the comments below!!

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