Is Klombos Invincible? How Much Health Does the Klombos Dinosaur Have in Fortnite?

Epic has added a ton of things with Fortnite’s 19.10 update released on January 18. Apart from the return of tilted towers, the arrival of the Klombos dinosaur in Fortnite is in the talks within the community. The very first hints regarding the Dinosaurs came along with the cinematic trailer released for Chapter 2. Now that the Klombos Dragons are finally here, many people are trying to take them down. In this blog, we’re going to talk about how much health does the Klombos Dinosaur has in Fortnite?

How Much Health Does the Klombos Dinosaur Have in Fortnite?

If you too find yourself in an urge to shoot the Dinosaur and try to take him down, You’re not alone. Since the release, many people are trying to take down the Dinosaur themselves. But to their disappointment, the Dinosaur won’t even take a scratch.

Angry Klombos Dinosaur in Fortnite

Moreover, shooting at the Klombos Dinosaur will only agitate him and he’ll come after your life. He’s equipped with a long-range attack, where he throws splashes of green acid that takes a heavy toll on the health of the player. No matter what weapon you use, you’ll only be able to inflict 1 damage to him.

Yes, that’s true even throwing a grenade at him will only inflict 1 damage to him. Even hitting him with a sniper rifle will do the same. Moreover, no matter where you shoot at, his head or leg, the damage count is still 1. Unlike other objects in Fortnite, no health bar is displayed over the Klombos Dinosaur when he’s taking damage.

This may very well mean that Klombos is invincible in Fortnite. However, according to Fortnite Wiki Klombos Dinosaur has 2000 Health Points in Fortnite. Now is it somehow possible to take him down? Continue reading to know more about it.

How to Take Down the Klombos Dinosaur in Fortnite?

Is there any way you can take down the Klombos Dinosaur in Fortnite? Well, the answer is No, You can’t. Unless you’re so much determined as to hit the dragon 2000 times. As each hit inflicts 1 damage no matter the weapon used. No matter what you use against him it is impossible to take down & kill the Klombos Dinosaur.

Well, let’s just keep away the thought of keeping him the harm’s way. After all, why run after the life of such a friendly Dinosaur in the game? Write down your experiences on what all ways you adopted in trying to take him down?

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