Google releases Android 12L for foldable, tablets, and Chrome OS

Google released a preview of Android 12L today. This is a customized version of Android designed for Android smartphones with huge screens. To provide a better experience, Android 12L is primarily for tablets, foldable devices, and Chrome OS laptops. The redesigned user interface is more sophisticated, with improvements to aspects like alerts, fast settings, lock screen, overview, home screen, and more.

What is Android 12L?

To put it simply, 12L is an operating system upgrade. The “L” in Android 12L stands for “large-screen devices” – but Google has yet to confirm. 

Google releases Android 12L for foldable, tablets, and Chrome OS
Android 12L | Source: Twitter

Google described it as a “special feature drop that improves the overall experience on large displays” in a blog post. For the most part, the firm modified its system UI to make it more responsive on large displays. It also offers additional multitasking tools and increased app compatibility.

Features of Google Android 12L

In essence, Android 12L may alter the UI layout of a device, such as the positioning of the home screen, lock screen, notifications, Quick Settings, and other features. A two-column layout that uses the full screen will appear on any screen with a density-independent pixel (DP) count of 600 or higher.

In one example for Android 12L, Google stated that on a large-screen device, the Quick Settings menu could be pinned to the left side of the display, while the notifications panel might be pushed to the right, allowing you to access both without having to launch one app and close another.

Android 12L Vs. Android 12

The following three components, according to Google, distinguish Android 12L from the ordinary version of Android 12 that runs on smartphones:

  1. UI refinement for big displays: Android’s UI has been updated to make it simpler to operate on screens larger than 600sp.
  2. Multitasking features include a taskbar that allows you to drag and drop programs into split-screen mode and switch between them.
  3. Improved compatibility: Visual and stability improvements make all programs seem to be designed exclusively for big displays.
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Android 12 | Source: Google

When will be Android 12L Available?

Google plans to release Android 12L early next year. Google is collaborating with several OEM partners to provide new features to Android 12L. Developers may now get Android 12L Emulator system images from the company’s website. For the time being, the major emphasis is on Chrome OS devices and foldable. The preview will be available soon on the Lenovo P12 Pro. Android 12L will also be available for phones, according to the company. This suggests that the Android 12L beta will be available for Pixel smartphones shortly.

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