Google Pixel 6 Series Users Are Switching Back to Samsung: Here’s Why

Since the release of its first-pixel phone in 2016, Google is trying to give tough competition to the no.1 worldwide Android smartphone vendor Samsung. Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are the latest descendants of this family which were released back in October 2021. But Google Pixel 6 series is not seeming to impress its users that much and there are many bugs that are letting the users switch back to Samsung who had earlier switched to the Pixel 6 series after its release. Let’s discuss which are the main reasons and bugs why Google Pixel 6 series users are switching back to Samsung.

Hardware related issues

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro had gained a lot of discussion in the mobile world prior to their release. The leaks of this phone specifications and design had let users think that Google has finally launched a device that is worth a competition to Samsung. Users were widely liking its specifications and soon after its release users had switched to Google Pixel 6 series from Samsung S21 series.

But, after using the users found out that there were many hardware-related issues that were promised to provide but not were up to mark. The first issue was about the slow charging of the Google Pixel 6 series. As per reports, Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were able to only draw 22W power when charged with a 30W Google USB-C charger. It showed that Google Pixel 6 pro was able to fully charge its 5000 mAh battery in 111 minutes, while Samsung S21 Ultra did it in just 62 minutes.

The second issue was that the battery as claimed is 5000 mAh, and as stated it should have given you easily one day experience without charging the device with at least 6 hours of screen on time. But it is providing only approximately 4 hours of screen on time.

Since, the release of Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, users have faced many bugs in the software. It is the main reason behind the interests of users fading away from Google Pixel 6 users and users are switching back to Samsung S21 ultra. Let’s have a glimpse at the major bugs in Pixel 6 that have conflicted with the interest of users.

The slow and unreliable biometrics sensor

Many users have reported that the fingerprint sensor is very slow and it takes a lot of time to detect. Moreover, the under-display finger has only an efficiency of 40%. Many users have reported that any other person can easily open their phone without the owner’s fingerprint.  It is also noticed that the fingerprint sensor stops working entirely if the battery goes very low. There is also not the feature of face detection, which can provide a more level of security.

Google Phones FCC Approval: Most likely the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

Although Google had launched a November update in which it had focused around fingerprint sensors of some mobiles. And it had ensured for rest of mobiles in December update. But as you know the December update has been paused for devices. So, the users have to wait.

Screen flicker

The users since the release have reported the problem of flickering of the screen. Google has confirmed that it is not a hardware defect and it’s a software defect. This is a problem mainly with the Google Pixel 6 pro.

Google has tried to fix this issue in the December update for some devices, while other phones have to wait until the release of the January security patch for their phone.

Enabling faster animation, breaks always-on-display

Most of the users like to customize their phones using the developer options. One of the best ways to enhance your experience is to decrease the animation duration scale. It simply means that you want to make your animations faster on mobile. But if you do this on your Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 pro, you will surely break your always-on-display. It causes the problems such as disabling of fingerprint sensor and battery info display.

Google had already tried to fix it up in the December patch, and will likely be available on all devices in the January patch.

Display refresh rates problems

It is also a major problem that users have faced since the release. The users of both devices have faced the problem of switching between different rates. It is reported that the screen refresh rate stuck to 60 Hz. This has made the users frustrated that how can they use this ultra-fast display with this issue.

This issue was also addressed in the December patch for some devices, but others will have to wait until this January patch

December patch brought “The lost signal” problem

Google had released the December patch in December last year in which it had tried to solve various bugs that are stated above. But after rolling it into certain devices, it had to pause this December patch for other devices. The main reason was that it had brought with it another issue named “the lost signal issue”. According to users, the users’ call was dropping frequently as the signal was getting lost. Google has promised to fix this issue and all the issues that are solved in the December patch and rolled out in the January software update.

January Security patch-2022 for Google pixel 6 series

The January security patch was supposed to release in late January this year but has already started to roll out in some of the devices and OTA files. It is expected to solve the lost signal issue and also the issues stated in the December patch. But hope so that it will not bring some further bugs.


The users have been facing many bugs since the release of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro. Moreover, there are many issues such as low sound from speakers, which are not likely to be solved. Moreover, it is not a great service if users after paying $1000 have to experience so many bugs for a long time. However, we have seen that not all Pixel 6 users are experiencing these bugs and errors and can expect Google to fix this soon.

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