Google Pixel 6 Series Has Broken Quarterly Sales Record of Pixel Devices in the US

Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro have been a matter of interest for mobile lovers since their launching. Moreover, it was constantly facing many bugs since it was launched. But the mobile lovers have shown their full trust in Google Pixel 6 series. Google Pixel 6 series has broken all the past Quarterly sales records of pixel devices in the US.

Google Pixel 6 Series Quarterly Sales Record

Alphabet ( The parent company of Google ) CEO Sundar Pichai in a tweet mentioned that

“In Q4 Google pixel 6 series have broken all the sales record. The response from pixel 6 customers and carrier partners was incredibly positive. AI has always been more helpful to all.”

Indirectly the major credit for Google pixel 6 sales success is given to new real-time translation tools.

Although, Google has not mentioned anything about its earnings through Google pixel 6. It has only shown the total earnings through hardware i.e., smartphone as well as software like Google Map, Google Assistant, Google search, etc. Google has earned 69 billion US Dollars in Quarter 4 of 2021. In Q4 2020, Google’s revenue was 52.8 billion USD. Moreover, there has also been a profit of 26 Billion Dollars in 2021 as compared to 19 billion USD in 2020. This shows how great a bump Google has shown in its earnings this Quarter.

It has not been confirmed whether Google pixel 6 has marked a popularity record or not. But, Google pixel 6 have launched in October 2021. And in the past 4-month phase, it has received a great response from users. Although, there has been a shortage of supply-chain since the launch of Google pixel. The interest of users and the growth in income have clearly indicated that the Google Pixel 6 series is going to be a very big hit. It can break all the past sales records of the past. It has also been declared that Google Pixel 6 series will now be available for Spain and Italy.

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