Roblox Free Items in July 2022 – Hair, Clothes, Jet Helmet & More

Who does not like stuff for free, especially when it is the free items by Roblox? Yes, you read it right. Roblox has a cool set of items for July 2022 that are free to avail. These can help you style your avatar in the game quite well, and we are here to help you with it.

Here is a list of all the free items in Roblox as of July 2022.

Roblox Free Items for July 2022

You can find all the free items available in Roblox here. Some of them are time-based, so you must be quick with them.

1. Telekom 5G Jet Helmet

This new helmet is very cool in its appearance, and you can win it by playing Beatland.

2. Man City Items

There are various items that you can get under this. First are the Man City Flags, which you can win by entering the Man City Blue Moon and using the Goal Kick Simulator game portal.

You can also get Man City Moonship and Home Shirt in the Man City Blue Moon game itself.

3. NARS Items

If you play NARS Color Quest, you can win two items: the NARS Flower Necklace and the NARS Platinum Short Pixie Hair & Baseball Cap.

4. Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub Items

You can win by voting in all the Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub categories. You can climb various objects on the map to unlock items as well.

5. Samsung Items

The Samsung Space Experience Tycoon game has five free items. If you play the game, you will earn currency with which you can get these items easily.

6. Klossette Oversized Sweater, Eternos Backpack, Builder Boy Purse

You can get a free oversized sweater for your avatar in the Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase game. Livetopia has the Eternos Backpack, while Mermaid Life has the Builder Boy Purse.

7. Sunsilk City Hair Items

The Sunsilk City game has four haircare items for your avatar, which you can avail by completing tasks. Here is a list of the items:

  • Short Black Braids with Flowers
  • Black Curly Braids
  • Black Plats with Red Ribbon Hair
  • Afro

8. Ice Cold Shaved Ice

You can get these accessories by going to Roblox’s main page and clicking on the green-colored “GET” button. All the items will then show in your account.

9. Fireworks in France Hat

This hat is as cool as its name, and you can get it by following the same procedure you did for Ice Cold Shaved Ice accessories.

10. Nike Swoosh Sunglasses & Striker Shorts

If you are a fan of Nike, you should definitely get these items from NIKELAND by leveling up in its soccer game.

11. TJ Crossover Bags, Pop Hoodies, Stripe Rugby Shirts and Donut Headphones

Tommy Hilfiger Experience has the TJ Crossover Bags. You need 790 coins per bag in the game with which you can purchase the bag from the in-game item shop and style your avatar.

If you simply play the game without worrying about the coins you can also win hoodies and shirts in it. All you need to do for the TJ Donut Headphones is enter the Tommy Play experience. You will automatically receive this item there.

12. Strawberries & Cream Hat and Tennis Bag

You can find these items in the Wimbledon shop of the Wimbleworld experience. You can purchase the items with Wimble Bux as the hat is for 100 coins and the bag costs 200 coins.

Don’t worry as you don’t have to spend real money for these. You can earn these coins by playing matches against players or redeeming codes.

13. Duolingo Bodysuit and Snapback Cap

The Duolingo Experience has two free items for your avatar: the Bodysuit (1000 coins) and the Cap (2000 coins). You can earn these coins by playing the game regularly till you get the desired amount.

14. Canada Day Zippered Jacket

You can obtain this savvy jacket by going to Roblox’s main page and clicking on the “GET” button. This is in celebration of Canada Day.

15. CharliXCX Hologram Pet & Charli Jetpack

If you adore CharliXCX to the core just like I do, then you cannot miss out on these items. You will get the Hologram Pet and Jetpack in the Samsung Superstar Galaxy Experience itself.

16. Gudetama Backpack

The Gudetama Backpack is themed around Hello Kitty so, you can grab this by playing My Hello Kitty Cafe and reaching level 20.

17. Givenchy Items

There are several Givenchy Items up for grabs in the Givenchy Beauty House experience. They are as follows:

  • Lock Necklace 1.0 & 2.0
  • 4G Cap and Le Rouge Cross-Body Bag
  • Irresistible Backpack 1.0 & 3.0
  • 4G Sunglasses

18. Glitch Boombox

The Glitch Boombox is available in the Samsung Superstar Galaxy Experience.

19. Boarding Pass – Tate McRae

Tate McRae Concert experience has the boarding pass for which you must collect 20 different coins.

20. Gucci Oversized Sunglasses & More

You can get the Gucci oversized sunglasses from the Gucci Town experience. It has a total of five items that players can collect.

21. SOFI TUKKER Purple Hat & Tennis T-Shirt

You can go to the Roblox Avatar Shop and click on the “GET” button to get these items free of cost.

22. Screenshot Patchwork Jacket

Go to the Spotify Island Experience and run around the map, sliding on different objects. Do this 20 times to obtain a badge and the jacket.

23. Puma Essentials Cap

You can get the Puma Essentials Cap from Puma and the Land of Games. You just need to go through the tutorial and you will get what you want.

24. Samsung Super Galaxy Items

Play the Samsung Super Galaxy Game and follow the in-game instructions to unlock all the items.


It is really easy to get all these free items on Roblox. You just need to play games and complete tasks in them. Each free item will add a lot of style to your avatar and enhance its aesthetic appeal. I would really like to see the next set of free items that the developers launch in August, 2022.

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