Genshin Impact Hidden Achievement “Oowazamono” Walkthrough

There are a lot of Samurai to defeat in Genshin Impact. So many players have no knowledge about their Genshin Impact Hidden Achievement Quest. Previously we covered some of these Samurai’s Hidden Quests like Kyuuzou Samurai Quest, Samurai’s of Yashiori Island, and The Iwakura Clan. Today in this Guide we are going to tell you about one more Hidden Achievement related to Samurai. On completing this Hidden Quest you will be awarded with a Hidden Achievement called “Oowazamono.” 

1. Interact with Nameless Samurai

First you need to go to the southernmost waypoint in Tatarasuna where you will find the Nameless Samurai. Unfortunately, Samurai are suffering from a bad case of amnesia. Once you reach there Samurai will challenge you with a quick duel. You need to defeat the samurai within 60 seconds to accept the quest Dreams of Sword Art World Quest. 

Note:- Oowazamono Hidden Achievement only activates once you finish the Dreams of Sword Art World Quest.  

After the completion of the second task in Dreams of Sword Art World Quest, Samurai will remember his name as “Masanori”.

Genshin Impact Hidden Achievement “Oowazamono” Walkthrough
Nameless Samurai Masanori Location

2. How to Get Oowazamono Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact

Once you completed the Dreams of Sword Art World Quest. You have to talk to “Masanori” again. Once the talking part is complete you have to fight “Masanori”. You will get Oowazamono Hidden Achievement only when you defeat “Masanori” in 30 seconds or less.

Genshin Impact Hidden Achievement “Oowazamono” Walkthrough
Nameless Samurai Masanori

Sounds Easy! But here comes the worst part, “Masanori” one of the most powerful abilities is he can restore his HP when his HP is too low. So that means you need to defeat him twice. That means you need to first defeat “Masanori” in 15 Seconds and again defeat him in next 15 Seconds. Make sure to not to go beyond the time limit then you will not get the Secret Achievement of Samurai. 

3. Best Team to Defeat “Masanori” Samurai

To defeat “Masanori” Samurai you can use your most powerful team. Make sure your team will have a wind user, fire user, shielding character, and water user. With these combinations you can defeat “Masanori” easily. 

4. Tips to Defeat “Masanori” Samurai Twice

  • Make sure element burst is full, this will allow you to defeat “Masanori” easily in the first round and use some combo attacks like wind and fire. 
  • One of the best way to get this hidden achievement is by teaming up, by doing this if you defeat him in less than 30 seconds then your whole team will get the secret achievement. 
  • If you think it’s hard to beat him in limited time you can decrease your world level.

Do let us know what’s your best team to defeat “Masanori” Samurai in Genshin Impact. 

5. About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an Open World MMORPG launched by miHoYo. The game’s location is set upon the fantasy world of Teyvat, the home of seven distinct nations and ruled by gods connected with it. It is available for Windows, Playstation, Android, and iOS and is planned for release on Nintendo Switch.

The main plot follows a twin, Traveler, who travels worldwide searching for his lost twin sibling and becomes involved in Teyvat’s nations and gods. Meanwhile, move ahead on the way to complete quests and collect the rewards.

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