Shikanoin Heizou Shows Melee Catalyst Moves in Genshin Impact Character Demo

Genshin Impact is back with a new character, Shikanoin Heizou as it recently dropped its character demo. This new character has created a different aura around itself making it a favorite of many.

We will tell you all that you must know about Shikanoin Heizou and his enchanting moves.

Genshin Impact: Who is Shikanoin Heizou?

Heizou is an Inazuman character with an Anemo vision. He is the first male catalyst in Genshin Impact who has the most unique skills in the game. Moreover, he is a detective and works for the Tenryou Commission.

He is someone who prefers using his intelligence to solve crimes over his vision. Heizou comes out as someone who works on a task till his last breath. This has increased his popularity as well.

Genshin Impact: Shikanoin Heizou Abilities, Skills and More

Shikanoin Heizou uses melee strikes like punches and kicks infused with Anemo as his normal attacks. This is a thing in Genshin Impact. He also uses Heartstopper Strike which sends a blow to Anemo if pressed or held. Another great thing about him is that he gains the Declension effect by charging up his Element Skill.

Heizou’s Elemental Burst is called Windmuster Kick. He leaps into the air and kicks toward his opponent which sends a wave of Anemo toward them.

Shikanoin Heizou Release Date

Shikanoin Heizou will be available in Version 2.8 which will come out on July 13. You can grab this character for yourself very soon in the game.


This new character is one of its kind in Genshin Impact. It has some very extraordinary skills which make it a much-wanted element. Also, he is the first male catalyst in Genshin Impact. So, you can use it to your advantage in each boss fight and show off your skills in the game. In my opinion, you should definitely give him shit.

About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an Open World MMORPG, launched by miHoYo. The game’s location is set in the fantasy world of Teyvat, the home of seven distinct nations and it is ruled by gods who are connected with it. It is available for Windows, Playstation, Android, and iOS and is planned for release on Nintendo Switch.

The main plot follows a twin, Traveler, who travels worldwide searching for his lost twin sibling and becomes involved in the affairs of Teyvat’s nations and gods. Meanwhile, move ahead on the way to complete quests and collect the rewards.

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