How to Get & Use Gem Dust in V Rising

The Vampire adventure in V Rising requires us to collect and craft items and structures. One of them is Gem Dust and all on how to collect and use it in V Rising is discussed here.

I. How to collect Gem Dust in V Rising:

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You can’t really look for Gem Dust, it is just collected along the way of your V Rising explorations, as you break and harvest rocks.

In the early stages of your gameplay, you can go to Farbane Woods to get Crude Gems and also rocks which you can break to find Gem Dust. The best way would be farming the Crude Gems from the Farbane Woods. As you can go collect as much as you can and then use The Devourer (explained later) to get a good amount of Gem Dust.

If you salvage crude gems, you will receive 4 Gem Dust, but you will need a machine to do so. The Machine is named Devourer and you’ll have to construct it in your castle. Then, you just have to feed the gems to it to obtain Gem Dust.

As you progress through the game to different regions, the rarity of Gems will increase. For example, the Silverlight Hills region contains sapphire and emerald gems.

1. Constructing Devourer for Gem Dust in V Rising

In V Rising, the Devourer is a Structure that dismantles equipment, items, and components to turn them into raw materials.

But you must defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer, a Level 26 V-Blood enemy who is found in the Farbane Woods, in order to unlock the Devourer in V Rising.

After that place the Devourer at any place within the borders of Castle Heart to use it. You will have to construct it first after collecting the required materials for it.

Type of GemsGem Dust from Devourer
Crude Gems4 Gem Dust
Regular Gems16 Gem Dust
Flawless Gems64 Gem Dust

II. Uses of Gem Dust in V Rising:

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The following structures require Gem Dust for their construction:

  • Gem Cutting Table
  • Vampire Waygate
  • Jewel Chamber Floor
  • Glass Windows

The Vampire Waygates are the most useful structure you can build with the Gem Dust as it allows fast travel in the vast open world of V Rising. This uses teleportation to make Vampires travel long distances in a jiffy. Other than that there’s also the Gem Cutting Table which allows us to upgrade our low-tier gems to higher tiers. Jewel Chamber Floors also require the Gem Dust, and it gives specific boosts and bonuses for Gem Cutting and Jewel Crafting Table.

There are also items like the following which require Gem Dust for their assembly:

  • Spectral Dust
  • Scroll
  • Merciless Hunter’s Crossbow
  • Blood Key
  • Major Explosive Box
  • Skeleton Priest
  • Banshee
  • Iron Castle Key
  • Siege Golem Stone

The iron castle key is useful for destroying or taking control of enemy castles. The Merciless Hunter’s Crossbow is a solid long-range weapon that you can have early on in the game. The blood key is a legendary end-game item you unlock after defeating the boss enemies and it further opens other doors for you. 

III. Conclusion:

There are many items and structures which require the use of Gem Dust in their recipes which makes Gem Dust one of the most important resources while not being a kind of a typical resource in the game.

We hope that this article helped you.

IV. About V Rising: 

V Rising is an open-world sandbox survival game released in May 2022 by Sunlock Studios. In the game, you come to life as a vampire. To build up your strength and avoid the hot heat, look for blood in surrounding communities. Build your castle and prosper in a mysterious, ever-changing open universe. Recruit online partners to help you take control of the living world.

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