Gambit Esports Wins Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin, Beats Team Envy 3-0

After a cliffhanging week of Top-ranking Valorant matches, Gambit Esports has been crowned as the winner of Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin champions after defeating Envy by 3-0. With the end of the tournament comes the end of stage 3. With Europe becoming the top seed, four teams from the region will be heading to the Valorant Champions 2021, set to take place at the end of the year. Gambit Esports Team Acend and Fnatic will join Gambit Esports. The fourth team will be decided soon.

Gambit Esports Wins the Valorant Champions

Gambit Esports vs Envy
Gambit Esports

The Russian Team, Gambit Esports, vanquished G2 in the semifinals to compete against Team Envy from the North American region. Gambit Esports won the ultimate trophy and clinched USD 225,000 as prize money. 15 top teams from seven regions went blow for blow against each other in Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin for the ultimate trophy, the Valorant Champions 2021.

Be it Counter-Strike or Dota, the rivalry between North American and European teams has now become a common sight. Sentinels clinched the trophy for North America when they defeated Fnatic in Masters 2 Reykjavik.

Gambit Esports vs Envy

Gambit Esports vs Envy
Gambit Esports Vs. Team Envy

In the first map (Bind), Envy was taking the lead, and then, much to their dismay, Gambit Esports flipped the tables to their benefit during the second half. In due course, Gambit Esports secured their win by 15-13 in the first game. 

The second map (Haven) was similar to the first map. Envy took the lead at the beginning and then again was backfired by the Gambit Esports winning the match by 13-11. They were just one map win away from a victory.

The third map (Split) was indeed a split in the middle. Both Team Envy and Gambit Esports secured 6 rounds each. After swapping sides, Gambit Esports quickly secured 7 more rounds while Team Envy battled for 3. Ultimately, Gambit Esports managed to seal the series 3-0 and took home a 13-9 victory along with the VCT Masters Berlin finals.

Next in Valorant Champions Tour

The Valorant Champions Tour will continue finalizing the remaining slots for Valorant Champions for Last Chance Qualifiers. After that, the teams will be heading to compete at the Valorant Champions LAN event later in December this year.

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