G2 Defeating Sentinels in an Ultimate 2-0 Series in the VCT

After a virtual battle among the two teams, followed by an early defeat in the group stage against the Sentinels. We witnessed G2 having the last laugh after defeating Sentinels in an ultimate 2-0 series in the VCT Masters Berlin group stage. In an unprecedented turn of events, we saw Sentinel’s first loss on an international VCT stage. G2 has taken the top seed in their group after an enormous victory.

Grand Victory for G2

At the beginning of the series in Icebox, G2 advanced with a herculean shot, taking an indomitable lead and defeating the Sentinels. G2 won the first map with a score of 13-3. The match lasted for about 31 minutes.

G2 Defeating Sentinels in an Ultimate 2-0 Series in the VCT
G2 | Source: G2 Esports

This reign of G2 momentum was expanded and even crossed over to Sentinels’ pick of Split since starting on the defensive side allowed them to jump out to another lead. By this time around, there wasn’t any chance for a comeback for Master Reykjavik Champions as Keloqz from G2 was in a world of his own. He brandished his Jett and captured 23 kills on Icebox with a total combat score of 376. G2 created ample opportunities for AvovA, who used his Astra smokes and gun to an 8-4 lead on the EU side.

Defeating the Sentinels

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Coming to the Sentinels, at the beginning of the second half, they won a pistol round which was their first of the whole series. They even managed to take the lead. Again in a similar turn of events, G2 took it back after launching an Astral Divide from AvovA. From the Sentinel side, bagging 11 kills and a combat score of 219, Shahzeb “ShahZam” Khan became the MVP. A formidable player from Sentinels, SEN Zombs only managed to take a single kill on the map. This pretty much shows the well-prepared strategy of G2 for the re-match.

Combacks are Inevitable

The victory of G2 shatters Sentinel’s 10-series win streak. If truth be told, Sentinels still have their standing as the best Valorant team in the world. However, this defeat exemplifies that they are not impregnable, and there’s always a possibility for other teams for a comeback.

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