Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast in Elden Ring – Defeating him

You need to take down bosses in Elden Ring to continue your in-game survival. So, it’s a mandatory thing for a player to know how to defeat a boss in Elden Ring. Here is the best way you can defeat one of the bosses in Elden Ring, Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast. Who is Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast in Elden Ring? How can you defeat Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast and what are the rewards for defeating? Find answers to all your questions here –

Who is Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast in Elden Ring?

Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast is the more powerful variant of Fallingstar Beast. The Fallingstar Beast is a massive quadruped with a body covered in crystals. He is found in multiple locations. Though Fallingstar Beast is an optional boss i.e; it’s not compulsory for players to defeat him to advance in-gameplay in Elden Ring. But defeating Fallingstar Beast yields many useful items and Runes.

Most vicious enemies are gigantic, but there are very few smaller bosses who prove to be a challenge for even the pro players. One of those enemies is the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast. He is a tough enemy who has high defense and quick attacks; proves to be a massive power.

Who is Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast in Elden Ring?

You can find him in Mt. Glemir, just south of the Ninth Mt. Glemir Campsite site of Grace.

Here is how you take down Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast –

How can you defeat Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast?

As for the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast, there is a way to cheese this particular boss in Elden Ring. The fight with this beast doesn’t get aggressive as long as Tarnished stealthily remains outside of his sight.

This boss’s arena looks like an area where a meteor hit the planet, with the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast in the center. The beast is fairly aggressive and has high defense too. This is what makes the fight difficult for players with strength builds too. The Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast has two types of moves: Physical and Gravity Magic.

defeat Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast
Defeat Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast

With the boss moving like a raging bull, the Physical attacks do come pretty quick. Players should roll into the boss to avoid attacks and get in a quick hit. As the boss moves around pretty quickly, at one particular time, you can’t get more than a hit or two; that too is possible only with quick weapons. Hence, making the battle a bit difficult. Gravity Magic comes in the form of short-range attacks, in an area-of-effect. Be dodging at perfect times to avoid taking damage due to Gravity Magic. You can even avoid the damage by moving away from the boss that is outside of area-of-effect.

The fight with this particular beast needs a lot of patience as it doesn’t take much amount of damage.

I advise you to use Poison Spraymist to slowly drain away from the beast’s HP. It is better if you do this after reaching the summit lair, we suggest you sneak around to the back of the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast.

What are the rewards for defeating this particular beast?

What are the rewards

The rewards are –

  • Smithing Stone [6]
  • A Somber Smithing Stone [6]
  • The Fallingstar Beast Jaw weapon

Defeating someone who is pretty quick like this beast, needs a lot of patience. I hope all you have a lot of patience when it comes to the point of gaming. And for those who need some kind of boost, do take a look at those stunning rewards. I don’t think one needs or finds better rewards than these. We will be back soon with much more informative content.

Happy Gaming!

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