How to Collect Stone from Aftermath in Fortnite

Fortnite chapter 2 Season 7 recently went live. This season’s theme is aliens. There is not much change in the game map, but there is a new place in the middle of the map called Aftermath. Season 7 also brings a lot of new quests and challenges for the players in the first week. One of the season 7 quests is to collect stone from aftermath. So, here in this short guide, we will tell how to collect stones from Aftermath easily. 

How to Collect Stone from Aftermath

You will see a blue spot in the middle of the map. This place is called Aftermath. To complete this quest, just land there. But be on your guard because many players will be landing to take the experience of the new place and complete the quest. We suggest you land there and find weapons, one or two would do the job. Be on your guard to fight enemies. 

Furthermore, you will see stones coming out of the ground and water. You have to attack stones using a pickaxe or your guns. Once it’s destroyed, you can grab them. Do it until the message pop on the screen that your quest is complete. It will only take a little bit of time. But this is a new place, and many players are landing here to complete the quest. So it will take some time for you to complete the quest.  

How to Collect Stone from Aftermath in Fortnite
Fortnite Aftermath | Source: Fandom

Once the quest is completed, you will earn XP and move forward in battle pass. We suggest you take your time. Be on your guard and wait for the area to clear, then start doing the quest. If you are an aggressive player, just go in the middle of the map, kill some enemies, and complete the quest.

Tell us in the comment how many matches you took to complete this quest. And how much you like this new place, Aftermath. 

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