Fortnite UFO Locations: Where are UFOs in Fortnite?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has added another sci-fi element to the battle royale game with the introduction of Saucers for the Flying Object Weekend. This article includes all the information about the Fortnite UFO: their locations, uses, stats, etc.

I. Fortnite UFO and their Locations:

Fortnite UFO is simply the same that we have been seeing in movies for years. It is an alien flying vehicle that can not only attack but also can help you in kidnapping your enemies.

These were added earlier to the game back in Chapter 2 as well but were taken out. Now that they have come back for the Flying Object Weekend. And it is cool to see how it is being used in gameplay.

With their help of them, you can move quickly and safely past obstacles while posing a serious threat to your enemies. Another essential thing is that the UFOs can accommodate 5 people at once.

These UFOs aren’t very common though, there are a very limited number of these and where they are is included in the following part.

II. What are the Fortnite UFO Locations?

There are 6 locations in which the Fortnite UFOs will be spawned. Of course, there will be a lot of players in those areas now so they can be fun to go to for a challenge. There will be 3 in the air as well.

  • Southwards of Logjam Lotus
  • Northeast of Greasy Grove
  • Southwards of The Joneses
  • Northwest of Sleepy Sound
  • Southeast of The Daily Bugle
  • Northwards of Chonker’s Speedway

If you don’t want to remember these locations you can immediately know where they are by looking at the map and identifying the specified spots that are purple with a shimmering effect. Those 3 UFOs will be in the air, controlled by NPCs known as Trespassers.

If you spot the UFOs in the air, then how to get control of them in the next part.

III. How to take control of Fortnite UFO?

It is a rather unusual way to get yourself into the driving seat of the UFOs. Basically, you have to first surrender in front of the Trespassers and then knock them out. The steps for it are mentioned here:

  • First, stand under the UFO.
  • Then let them kidnap you, through their Tractor Beam from UFO.
  • When you are kidnapped, you can then go ahead and use the gun to attack the pilot or the Trespasser.
  • This will make the saucer come down and after that, you can go ahead and wreak havoc on the battlefield with it.
  • You will also get a kind of a sweet bonus, a Ray Gun dropped by the Trespassers once you take them out.

IV. What can you do with the Fortnite UFOs?

There’s no doubt that if someone gets their hands on the UFO and uses it properly they will surely be a force to be reckoned with. We have mentioned the used and some statistics in some pointers below:

  • As mentioned before, mobility is boosted with the UFO.
  • You can also get your whole team to sit in it as it comes with 5 seats.
  • There is an energy projectile beam in the UFO that can push the opponents away while dealing some damage (30 Points). This can be used by pressing the Left Click.
  • It also has a Tractor Beam which helps you kidnap enemies. This can be used by pressing the Right Click.
  • Another very cheeky tactic that can be done with them is picking up big objects and then dropping them over the opponents.
  • One problem with the UFO or the saucers is that they have 600 HP. They can be easily taken down by other enemies. If you are not quick to send them flying or if they are just too many of them.

V. About Fortnite:

Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It has three distinct game mode versions that share the same general gameplay and game engine: Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite: Save the World, and Fortnite Creative. 

Since its release, the game has had a number of seasons and is currently in Chapter 3 Season 3 which added a lot of updates and new content which also has new quests or missions for players to complete.

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