Fortnite: Connection Between Meowscles and Meow Skulls Confirms

Recently Fortnite confirmed in an interaction that there’s a connection between Meowscles and Meow Skulls. Fortnite is constantly adding new skins and new classic gameplay, they do have a big roster of Superheroes, anime characters, and much more.

Fortnite just had a new season released and skins from previous seasons have coincided with the release of new skins. The recent skin Meow Skulls, an anthropomorphic cat lady has a serious resemblance to a previous season’s skin called Meowscles. There’s a good reason behind this.

Recently a player who goes by SuperAlex25 on Reddit has discovered that when you interact with Meowscles on the map while you have the Meow Skulls skin on, they can interact with each other and you can know more about their relationship. When you interact with Meowscles as Meow Skulls, a conversation begins and you get to know that Meowscles was Meow Skulls’ older brother.

I believe Fortnite is trying to build a storyline between Meowscles and Meow Skulls, but it’s not clear as to what exactly are they trying to do. When you interact with Meowscles, he says that she has got time to figure out and she’ll find her place. It’s not clear as to what she’s trying to find, but possibly he’s referring to her overall outfit. There’s nothing confirmed as of now, all we know about Meow Skulls is that Meowscles is her brother. We need to wait and see what does this mean in-game and what is Meowscles referring to?

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