How to Use Firefly Jar at the Pizza Pit? – Fortnite

As you all know, Fortnite season 3 week 8 challenges and epic quests are live on May 7. One of these epic quests is Firefly Jar at the Pizza Pit. How to find and catch fireflies in a jar and then using them to lit the fire at Pizza Pit Restaurant? Don’t worry we will tell you the best way to do this epic quest.

So today, in this guide, we tell you the best location to find fireflies and collect them in a jar, and then using them to lit the fire at Pizza Pit Restaurant.

Note:- To access this quest; you first need to complete ‘Dance in Durr Burger Kitchen.’

How to Use Firefly Jar?

First, you need to find fireflies, there are some assured places where you can find and catch them in a jar. The nearest location of fireflies spawn is Scenic Spot which is at the top of the cliff just northwest of Colossal Crops. 

How to Use Firefly Jar at the Pizza Pit? - Fortnite
Scenic Spot in Fortnite | Source: Fandom

You just need to land on the top of the cliff as early as you can. You will find many items there to collect and fight your enemy. Start collecting items to defend yourself from other players. Once you are done with other players, start collecting fireflies in the jar. Start finding fireflies on that cliff and click on the interact button to capture them in a jar. You can find fireflies easily at night as compared to day.

After you collect enough fireflies to complete the quest, head towards east of Scenic Spot to reach Pizza Pit. After going east from Scenic Spot, just follow the road. This road will take you directly to Pizza Pit Restaurant. Pizza Pit is located between the Colossal Crops and The Orchard.

How to Use Firefly Jar at the Pizza Pit? - Fortnite
Pizza Pit in Fortnite | Source: Fandom

When you reach the Pizza Pit, just go inside and throw the firefly jar anywhere inside the building and quickly come out of the building because the firefly jar will set the building on fire. If you are not quick, you will lose health. Quest is Completed. Congratulations!

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