How to Complete ‘Time Airborne Using Hop Floppers and Shockwave Grenades’ Legendary Quest in Fortnite

Recently in Fortnite season 6, Week 10 challenges went live on May 20. One of these challenges is to spend ‘Time Airborne Using Hop Floppers and Shockwave Grenades’. In this challenge, players need to be in the air using Hop Flopper or Shockwave Grenade to complete this legendary challenge and gain XP for Battle pass.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you where you can find Hop Flopper or Shockwave Grande and how to complete this legendary challenge easily. Without any delay, let’s hop into it.

How to Complete ‘Time Airborne Using Hop Floppers and Shockwave Grenades’ Legendary Quest

This legendary quest is in 5 Tier on completely all tier you will get a lot of XP. Here is a list of all Tier of Legendary Challenge:

  • 1st Tier: Spend 100 seconds airborne (35,000 XP)
  • 2nd Tier: Spend 200 seconds airborne (24,500 XP)
  • 3rd Tier: Spend 300 seconds airborne (24,500 XP)
  • 4th Tier: Spend 400 seconds airborne (24,500 XP)
  • 5th Tier: Spend 500 seconds airborne (24,500 XP)

Firstly, You can obtain Hop Floppers by fishing and you can find Shockwave Grenades all over the map in Chests, floor loot, or supply drops. Once you get Hop Floppers or Shockwave Granade you just need to follow some simple steps. 

Further you have to collect a lot of materials because you have been in the air to complete this challenge. We suggest you build metal buildings because it is hard and not easily destroyed. Collect materials and start building high.

We suggest you go to the snow-capped mountains south of Misty Meadows, the highest place on the map. It will help you to go higher. Once you reach high consume the Hop Flopper move towards the edge and use Shockwave Grenade to fly in air and get some time airborne. When these items are active you will not get any fall damage. 

You have to be in air for 100 seconds to complete the first tier of the legendary quest and so on and your legendary quest will be completed very soon. You will earn a Total of 133,000 XP on completing this Legendary Quest. 

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