How to Collect IO Tech Weapons in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 7 is finally live. Now players can play the new alien theme in Fortnite. Season 7 brings some new quest for players to complete, and on completing this quest, players can earn XP to progress further in their new battle pass. In this new quest, players need to collect IO Tech Weapons in Fortnite. There are three specific IO tech weapons you need to collect to complete this quest.

Three IO Tech Weapons you need to collect are Pulse Rifle, Rail Gun, and Recon Scanner. These IO Tech Weapons have specific locations in-game. This short guide will tell you their location and how to collect IO Tech Weapons easily in Fortnite.

How to Collect IO Tech Weapons in Fortnite (Pulse Rifle, Rail Gun, and Recon Scanner)

To collect all these IO Tech Weapons, you need to go to IO Bases. There are a lot of IO bases around the map. You can easily recognize IO base from the battle bus. You will see a bright red light glowing on a tower that place is called IO Base. Land there to collect all three Weapons and complete the quest.

How to Collect IO Tech Weapons in Fortnite
IO Base in Fortnite | Source: Fandom

There is no specific base where you get all these weapons at once. You just need to land there and search for a chest box. On opening that chest, you will find different IO Weapons. See the image below of how that Chest box looks.

How to Collect IO Tech Weapons in Fortnite
IO Base Chest Box in Fortnite | Source: Fandom

Note:- Recon Scanner is the most common one, and rail gun is the rarest.

Once you land on the IO base, you will see different NPC IO guards. On entering the base, you have to fight with the NPC. So we suggest you load your armory to fight with NPC and other players who land there to complete the same quest.

Be on your guard, search different IO bases and fight with NPC and other players. Open chest box and get all their IO Tech Weapons. If you are lucky, you will find them in one base, or you will have to search different bases. 

Do let us know in the comment how many matches you play to get all IO Tech Weapons. Do follow us for more guides and news on Fortnite.

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