Focus on Crosshair or Enemy? Where to Aim in an FPS Game like CS, Valorant, or Overwatch?

No matter how good you’re at a game, this one thought might have crossed your mind while playing an FPS title. Do I need to focus on Crosshair or Enemy while aiming? This question pertains to every FPS title like CS, Valorant, Overwatch, or any other popular title. Let’s dig more into this topic and try to find out what is the right answer to the question?

SEN TenZ on Focus On Crosshair or Enemy in Valorant

When it comes to Valorant, SEN Tenz or Tyson Ngo needs no introduction. Often termed as Valorant God, TenZ was the MVP of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 2 Masters held at Reykjavík. He regularly streams Valorant on twitch and recently shared his thoughts on this topic.

During the stream, one user asked him “Focus on Crosshair or Targets?“, to which he replied, ” You normally want to focus on your crosshair, use your peripheral vision to see targets“. Coming this from TenZ himself is a statement made in itself.

Should You Look on Crosshair or Enemy in FPS Games?

Valorant Sensitivity Settings

In the end, it is all about getting those frags. And when it comes to that, there’s a lot going on behind the question of whether you should focus on crosshair or enemy. Take crosshair placement, for example. If your placement is right, you just need to focus on your crosshair. You would want your crosshair to be at head level, and just time your shoot when the enemy comes under your crosshair which you see through your peripheral vision.

The focus can also vary in different situations you’re in while playing FPS Games. You generally would need to focus on your enemy when you’re indulging in a close-range fight. Whereas, in a long-range fight, focus on your crosshair and try to connect headshots that deal much higher damage than body shots. While altogether keeping and tracking your enemy under your peripheral vision.

Does It Really Affect Your Performance?

Each FPS game is different and has a different play style. When it comes to performance there are a lot of things to consider other than focussing on crosshair or targets. Crosshair Placement, Positioning, Teamwork, and the right usage of abilities also account for better performance in-game.

However, when it comes down to whether to focus on crosshair or target in FPS Games, choose what works best for you. Some people are comfortable using their peripheral vision to track enemies, while others are not. If you think you’re able to track targets using peripheral vision focus on the crosshair, or else, focus on the enemy.

Hope this blog helps you answer the question of whether to focus on crosshair or enemy in FPS Games? Do tell in the comment section what are your views on this question and what works best for you! Happy Gaming!

About Valorant

Valorant is a 5v5 character-based FPS shooter title published by Riot Games for Windows, that has been constantly giving neck-to-neck competition to already well-established CS-GO. In October 2019, the game was first launched under the name Project A, and on April 7, 2020, it launched a private beta program with restricted access for players, followed by an official release on June 2, 2020.

It has been gaining huge popularity lately, many e-sports orgs have already set up their Valorant lineups and are looking forward to winning titles.

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