Fishing Holes in Fortnite: How to Collect Mech Parts

Fortnite is a Battle Royale game having three different modes; the first one is Fortnite Battle Royale. The second mode is Fortnite: Save the World and the last mode is Fortnite Creative. In Battle Royale games like Fortnite, it is a basic prerequisite to have sufficient loot and in events, it is also necessary to pick the special tokens or items for enjoying a few rewards. One such loot items are Mech Parts in Fortnite. Where can we find Mech Parts in Fortnite? What are the locations of Fishing Holes in Fortnite? How can we collect the Mech Parts from Fishing Holes in Fortnite? Let’s find these out –

1. Where can we Find Mech Parts in Fortnite?

We can find Mech Parts from Fishing Holes in Fortnite. Fishing Holes aren’t hard to find, as they exist in most bodies of water across the Fortnite map. You’ll know you’ve found one if you see white ripples in the water along with signs of underwater creatures.

Visiting Fishing Holes provides you the opportunity to catch fish with different effects such as regenerating your health or instantly killing enemies. While these spots can be found all over the island, some are richer than others.

2. What are the Locations of the Fishing Holes in Fortnite?

The best locations of Fishing Holes in Fortnite –

  • In the center of Loot Lake, just east of Fortress
  • Around Fisher’s Paradise, west of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Around Lofty Lighthouse, north of Sleepy Sound
  • Between Cuddle Cruisers and Looper Landing, just east of the Daily Bugle
  • West of Launchpad island, just south of the Daily Bugle
  • Between Seven Outpost VII and Launchpad
  • East of Outpost IV, just south of Condo Canyon
  • East of Turbine island, just south of Greasy Grove

Refer the image below

Locations of the Fishing Holes in Fortnite

3. How to collect Mech Parts from Fishing Holes in Fortnite?

In order to complete this Resistance Quest, you’ll need a fishing tool like a harpoon or a fishing rod. You can normally find these inside barrels, chests, or as good loot near fishing areas.

Equip your Fishing Rod

Once you’ve acquired a fishing tool, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit a Fishing Spot,
  2. Equip your fishing rod
  3. Hold the action button to set the angle of your cast
  4. Let go of the button once it’s at the center of the fishing spot to throw the line
  5. Wait for something to tug your line
  6. Use the action button to start reeling in your catch

If you see Mech Parts appear in the water after this, you’ll have to dive in and swim towards them in order to collect them. Just keep fishing until you find 3 Mech Parts to complete Resistance Quest.

Collect Mech Parts

4. What are the Rewards for Completing the Resistance Quest?

Finding all the three (3) Mech Parts to complete Resistance Quest. As a reward for completing it you’ll earn 23,000 XP.

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