How To Find Special Treasure 2 In Genshin Impact

In the open world of Genshin Impact, the Lost Riches event featured several Special Treasures that you can dig up for a variety of rewards. However, first, you need to find the Secret Troves. Also, you may have some trouble tracking down the second Special Treasure in Genshin Impact. This won’t be an easy task. So, don’t worry! We’ll help you out in finding the location of Special Treasure 2 in Genshin Impact.

1. Location of Special Treasure 2 In Genshin Impact

To find the location of Special Treasure 2, you need to move towards Fort Mumei, situated west of Yashiori Island in Inazuma nation. Also, you need a Waverider to reach the western-most point of Fort Mumei, where you’ll find an arch & an Electrogranum plant.

Now, you have to use your Treasure-Seeking Seelies to find the precise spot of treasure. But, while using this action, a device will appear from the earth near the aforementioned Electrogranum facility, and it acts as a jumping-off point for a puzzle.

How To Find Special Treasure 2 In Genshin Impact
Treasure-Seeking Seelies

So, it’s time to start solving the second Secret Trove puzzle and get the special treasure 2 in Genshin Impact.

2. How To Solve The Special Treasure 2 Puzzle

Well, let’s start solving the second Secret Trove puzzle and move towards the device that was dug up previously. After digging the ground, an illuminating platform with 3×3 puzzle tiles rises.

You’ll get the hints from Ulman’s treasure diary, and you have been instructed to illuminate the floor.

Note: Solutions of the second Secret Trove puzzle are different for every player in the latest Lost Riches event.

Genshin Impact gives random puzzle solutions to their users, and completing them is not a difficult task. Follow the suggestions in the diary to reproduce the blue pattern on the platform. Moreover, walking over a given block turns it activate, and walking over it again turns it silver.

However, the most common pattern used to unlock the puzzle resembles the letter D. Finally, you’ll get your Special Treasure 2 in Genshin Impact after solving the puzzle.

3. Conclusion

Hopefully, you got the way to find the Special Treasure 2 in Genshin Impact. Finding Special Treasure 2 is an important task so, you’ll get Primogems to unlock characters such as Sayu, Yoimiya, and Baal. Also, you’ll get a total of 420 Primogems, 120 of which can be collected from the Special Treasures in Lost Riches event.

How To Find Special Treasure 2 In Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

4. About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an Open World MMORPG launched by miHoYo. The game’s location is set upon the fantasy world of Teyvat, the home of seven distinct nations and ruled by gods connected with it. It is available for Windows, Playstation, Android, and iOS and is planned for release on Nintendo Switch.

The main plot follows a twin, Traveler, who travels worldwide searching for his lost twin sibling and becomes involved in Teyvat’s nations and gods. Meanwhile, move ahead on the way to complete quests and collect the rewards.

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