Rya’s Quest in Elden Ring: Step-by-step Procedure

You need to take down bosses in Elden Ring to continue your in-game survival. So, it’s a mandatory thing for a player to know how to defeat a boss and complete quests to survive in Elden Ring. One such quest is Rya’s quest in Elden Ring. Who is Rya in Elden Ring? How to complete Rya’s quest in Elden Ring? What are the rewards for completing the Rya quest in Elden Ring? Let’s find out the answers to all these –

Who is Rya in Elden Ring and where can you meet her?

Rya is also known as the ‘Snake Girl’ in Elden. You can meet her in two different places, but the place where you will meet her solely depends on the route you take to reach the plateau. The two locations are:

  1. At Liurnia of the Lakes
  2. At the Volcano Manor

How to complete the Rya’s Quest in Elden Ring?

The Rya’s quest is easy compared with the greatest number of quests in Elden Ring. Let’s now discuss the way to complete the Rya’s Quest in a step-by-step manner –

Step One: Getting Rya’s Necklace Back

After meeting the player, Rya will request that they help her retrieve a necklace from a brutish Tarnished. It seems that the man took the jewelry from the poor woman and is now hiding out in a shack not too far from her current location. After letting Rya know that they’ll get her necklace back, players should head directly Northwest. Just before the tree icons on the map, to find a Site of Grace at the Boilprawn Shack. You will find a man that’s cooking up some tasty-looking seafood. He is the one who stole Rya’s necklace. You will have to barter him to regain the necklace. He will ask you to pay 1000 Runes for the missing Rya’s necklace. Taking the necklace and returning to Rya will complete the first part of her quest.

Getting Rya’s Necklace Back
Talk to Rya

She will inform them that she works for Volcano Manor and give them an invitation. This invitation is quite useful in the latter part of the quest. Rya will then move away from this spot and appear at the Altus Plateau.

Step Two: Finding Rya in Altus Plateau

The only way for players to reach the Altus Plateau is to piece together the Dectus Medallion and ride the Grand Lift of Dectus.

Getting Rya’s Necklace Back
Tanith, at Volcano Manor

Immediately upon arriving at Altus Plateau, walk out towards the massive axe-wielding Golem on the left to get a better look. Better look of Rya standing on the left-hand side near a banister. After finding Rya, speak to her, she will inform them that she has been waiting and wants them to seek counsel with her lady, Tanith, at Volcano Manor. Accept the formal invitation to allow you to take Rya’s hand and immediately warp to Volcano Manor, unlocking a handy Site of Grace in the process. After arriving, you will have to speak to Tanith and receive the Drawing Room Key, which will allow you to proceed with Rya’s questline.

Step Three: Completing the First Two Marks and Opening the Hidden Path

After receiving the Drawing Room Key, you can head down the nearby hallway and take the second door on the left, allowing you to access a room where Rya is waiting nearby the wall. Speaking to her again will inform you more about her role at Volcano Manor. From there, the Tarnished can snag a letter on the nearby table, which can be read by accessing it in the inventory. The letter will give players the name of a Mark they must kill. The first mark is north of the Warmaster’s Shack in Limgrave, near the Colosseum. Complete the first mark and return to Volcano Manor to know more about the Second Mark.

Heading back to the Drawing Room will give you access to another Volcano Manor Letter with another Mark to take care of. This one is found on the road North of the Erdtree Gazing Hill.

Once done with both the marks, you can head back to the hallway and enter the room that is directly to the right of the room that Rya is in. Walking over to a nearby portrait (close to a corpse) and walking into it will cause a secret passageway to open. Continue through this passageway until you reach a Site of Grace for Prison Town.

Step Four: Retrieving The Serpent’s Amnion

From the Prison Town Site of Grace, players will need to progress through the zone until they come to a balcony-like area with two small hanging cages. These cages have elevator switches inside of them. Taking the one that goes down will lead to a fight against an angry Magma Wyrm, while the second will ascend upward and continue through Prison Town. Along the way, players will find a building and the Guest Hall Site of Grace. From there, they’ll need to continue their journey until they spot a massive gap and a large lever that will activate a drawbridge. Doing so will give players access to the original Prison Town Site of Grace, and it’s recommended to replenish flasks as a boss fight lies ahead.

Retrieving The Serpent’s Amnion
The Serpent’s Amnion

Next to the drawbridge is an entrance into a large church and players will immediately be met by the Godskin Noble. This boss can be downright devastating for those that are unprepared, and it’s recommended to use Mimic Tear Ashes to help divide the boss’ attention if the Tarnished find themselves struggling to dodge Noble’s quick attacks. At 50 percent health, the Godskin Noble will “buff up” causing him to use a painful rolling attack and hit for additional damage. Once players have successfully finished off the boss, they can head to the altar of the church and snag the Serpent’s Amnion. From there, they’ll head back to Rya, tell her the truth about Volcano Manor, and give her the key item.

Step Five: Rya Goes Missing

You will want to leave Volcano Manor and come back after giving Rya the Serpent’s Amnion, or simply pass time at the Site of Grace. When they return to the room where Rya was, they’ll notice she’s gone, and talking to Tanith will confirm that she’s missing. Speaking to Tanith again will show that she’s concerned about Rya’s mental state, and she’ll give players a Tonic of Forgetfulness, suggesting that the Tarnished give it to Rya to help ease her suffering.

Rya Goes Missing

From there, players should head back to the Temple of Eiglay where they fought the Godskin Noble, and take the elevator that’s to the right of the altar. Players should then run around to the middle of the balcony and look over the edge, where they will spot a pathway that leads up a lava-filled hillside. Once at the top of the path, players will encounter an Abductor. Just past the enemy is an arch that contains a doorway. It’s across a large pool of lava and players will need to roll as quickly as possible to make it across the gap. Once across, they’ll be able to enter the room and speak to Rya. At this point, Rya expresses her anguish and asks the Tarnished if they will kill her to end her pain.

Players will also be given the choice to hand Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness. So, you also have a third option and that is to simply walk away from Rya and ignore her request. Meanwhile don’t give her the potion. After doing so, they can return to Volcano Manor, complete the quest by dealing with Rykard, and then return to Rya once more. This will cause Rya to thank the player for sparing her.

All the Possible Outcomes of Rya’s Quest in Elden Ring?

There are three (3) possible outcomes that mark the end of Rya’s Quest in Elden Ring. The outcomes are:

  • Killing Rya
  • Giving Rya the Tonic
  • Sparing Rya’s Life and Avoid Giving her the Tonic

DON’Ts during Rya’s Quest in Elden Ring

  • If you go to the Volcano Manor without speaking to Rya at Liurnia of Lakes, you will lose access to Blackguard Big Boggart and his questline for the rest of that playthrough, as he will refuse to speak with you if you haven’t spoken with Rya in the swamp about retrieving a necklace from someone who stole it. This will also render you unable to purchase Boiled Prawn and Boiled Crab. (However, you can enter the Manor and touch the grace in the room where Tanith and her knight protector reside without losing access to Blackguard Big Boggart’s questline as long as you do not speak to Tanith or anyone else in the Manor.)
  • If you kill Rykard before speaking to Rya in her room inside the dungeon, she will disappear from the manor and her quest will become impossible to complete.
  • If you complete all three of the manor’s assassination contracts before gaining the Tonic of Forgetfulness, it will be impossible to acquire the Tonic.

So please don’t do any of this as this will lead to the failure of the Quest and you will have to restart the Quest. So, I suggest you not to do any of these.

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