Hyakki Yako in Ghostwire: Tokyo – The Supernatural Parade

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a 2022 action-adventure game that was developed by Tango Gameworks. The game belongs to the horror genre.  There are disturbing enemy designs based on Japanese Folklore and the atmosphere can at times be quite disconcerting too. There are moments at which players get shocked and scared seeing the scenes on-screen. The game lets you explore a fictional, unique version of Tokyo with a supernatural presence. One such supernatural presence is Hyakki Yako in Ghostwire: Tokyo. What is Hyakki Yako in Ghostwire: Tokyo? How to find Hyakki Yako in Ghostwire: Tokyo? What to do after finding Hyakki Yako? Find all these out –

What is Hyakki Yako?

Like many themes and enemies found throughout Ghostwire: Tokyo, Hyakki Yako is also based on Japanese Folklore. The Hyakki Yako is an orderly procession of evil spirits that players can witness occasionally marching and roaming around in the streets of Shibuya. In short, Hyakki Yako is a parade of evil spirits. The sight of Hyakki Yako can freak players out. I suggest you hide rather than pick up a fight with the Hyakki Yako in the very first encounter. But the point is, if you are planning to complete the game, you need to face and fight the Hyakki Yako a multiple number of times throughout your Ghostwire: Tokyo playthrough.

What is Hyakki Yako?
Hyakki Yako

According to legends, Hyakki Yako is the supernatural parade that sees thousands of Oni and Yokai march through the streets of Japan harvesting souls, and that is what they exactly do in Ghostwire: Tokyo. That is the reason players will have to face, fight and stop them, every time when they encounter this supernatural parade.

Though KK advises Akito to hide rather than fight the supernatural parade during their first encounter in the first chapter of Ghostwire: Tokyo, players actually run into the Hyakki Yako. It’s from the second chapter when players will be able to run into the parade during free-roam and will be able to dispatch multiple waves of enemies. This is in order to rescue the souls that the Visitors are attempting to spirit away.

How to find Hyakki Yako in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Hyakki Yako usually does spawn in various locations. But the most prominent spot where you can witness the supernatural parade is Shibuya Scramble. Players should move quickly to the Shibuya scramble crossing proper, or the nearby Morite Shrine. You should head to the nearby Morite Shrine if you haven’t unlocked the ability that allows both Akito and KK to fast travel to the landmark. On reaching the spots, look for a moving patch of fog around you.

You might not see it right away; so, you should run between Shibuya 429 and Shibuya Scramble. Do check all the sideroads which intersect the main strip in the midway to find the Hyakki Yako.

If you still can’t find any, come out of the area, move around for some time and return back to find the Hyakki Yako. You can also find them on some other big roads on the map.

What to do after finding Hyakki Yako?

What to do after finding Hyakki Yako?

On seeing the supernatural parade, players should let the Hyakki Yako notice them because it transports them to an alternate realm. Once you are in the alternate realm, you need to defeat multiple waves of Visitors. Defeat the first five Visitor cores to obtain the ‘One Fell Swoop’ achievement. This is for those who haven’t achieved the trophy before fighting against the Hyakki Yako.

After defeating the last wave of Visitors, you will be transported to the original location. There you can see several clusters of Spirits. These are worth more than the regular Spirit clusters which you find while exploring the map.

In order to unlock the game’s true ending, players have to rescue a total of 15,000 Spirits from Hyakki Yako, the supernatural Parade.

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