Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons Locations Guide – Where to Find All Unique Weapons

Far Cry 6 has a total of 51 unique weapons spread around different locations in Yara. The weapons are pre-loaded with mods and attachments that give a stimulus to their power to fight against Castillo’s forces. You can view the weapons’ mod setups of each weapon through the Arsenal menu. They are stored in brown Crocodile engraved cases. They are located in places that have greater perks and better stats throughout Yara. Follow this guide to find all locations of unique weapons in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons Locations Guide

Take a look at the table to obtain Unique Weapons locations in Far Cry 6

I. Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons: Pistols

Blooddrunk (1911)MadrugadaGo to the southernmost island in Costa Del Mar. As you travel through the north of the island, you will find a tiny villa. Head to the first floor office to get your weapon.
The Autocrat (PMM)Isla SantuarioTravel northwest from Sagrado in Isla Santuario and reach Fort Quito. The weapon is inside the basement locked in a fenced armory. Smash the wooden barricade broken on the side, and the weapon is all yours to keep.
Lethal Dose (P226)MadrugadaThis weapon pistol will be earned as a reward during the Treasure hunt of Mongoose And The Man. To acquire the mission, Head to the village of Siniestra in Costa Del Mar. As you find the elevated house, hop the fence and open the shed at the back. After that, kill the mongoose and unlock the door with the key to get your weapon.
El Florecer (Mark VI)El EsteGo to the Fontana Fort, by heading south to the Vacia Coast. You will find the weapon under stairs in the south-east section of the fort.
El Regalo De Clara (Unique)This weapon will be earned from the operation, ‘Against the Wall’ given by Clara during the course of the game.
Pistola Sportiva (M9)EsperanzaMake your way to Esperanza from Almendras Hills, past El Presidente Square, and then cross the bridge. Turn left after the bridge is smashed into a small baseball ground. Go to the commentary room and you will find the weapon in the commentator’s box.
Unique Pistols: Blooddrunk, The Autocrat, and Lethal Dose Location in Far Cry 6
Unique Pistols: El Florecer, El Regalo De, and Pistola Sportiva Location in Far Cry 6

II. Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons: Auto-Pistols

Rococo Loco (6P13-Auto)
This weapon is earned as a reward for completing the operations of Bandido. You can access these by playing a part in the main story. After this, you can build Bandidos Barracks and recruit people to send them on Operations. For reach operations, you’ll requite 10 people.
El General (Skorpion)Isla SantuarioHead to the north of Tocoloro Ridge and you will find the gun in the basement of FND Munitions Storage in Prado Meadows.
Snapshot (SMG-11)Valle De OroMake your way to the north of Libertad Island and your weapon will be found at the top of the Golfo Vasto Lighthouse.
AJM-9 (Unique)To get this Blood Dragon weapon, you will have to own either Far Cry 6’s Gold or Ultimate Edition.
Unique Auto Pistols: Rococo Loco, El General, Snapshot, and AJM-9 Location in Far Cry 6

III. Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons: Rifles

Death Rites (AK47)El EsteMake your way to the southeastern town of Maldito in El Esteto. After that, locate the ransacked coastal village of Maldito, as you journey to south of Sombreado Gorge. The weapon is in the central hut amidst a pile of bodies.
F*ck Anton (AK47)Isla SantuarioFirstly, unlock the Montero Farm Guerilla Camp and complete the Fetch Quest of Chorizo. This will give you the Mysterious Key which you need to go to Guau Guau Island in Casas Cove. To the ease of Armoria, you will find the weapon crate on the beach.
Viva Libertad (FAL)Isla Santuario Make your way to the Punto Norte Lighthouse. It is the most north-easterly point of the Cayo Seguro Peninsula. The weapon will be found in the small house at the base of the white tower.
Camo Quinceanera (M16A1)El EsteLocate a coastal village Yarabi which is in the south of Robustas Hilss, in Sierra Perdida. Complete ‘A Rising Tide’ treasure hunt which will be found inside the cabin.
Sharkbite (MS16-L)El EsteHead to the northwest part of Conuco in El Este. After that, go to the hilltop of the Roca Pequena Sat Station. Here, you can grab your weapon either by killing the officer or by taking over the military target.
Noblesse Oblige (SKS)El EsteMake your way to the Museum of the False Revolution in the southwest of Conuco. You will find your weapons in the crate located in the room with the soldier statues.
One Ping Only (AS VAL)This weapon is earned as a reward for finishing ‘The Lion’s Den’ operation
Vaya Con Dios (BP-RUC)El EsteGrab your weapon from the air traffic control tower in Gabriel Castillo Airport.
Surf & Turf (MS16-LMadrugadaComplete the Treasure Hunt of Crocodile Tears in Aguas Lindas.
Hi-Fi (SSGP-58)Valle De OroThe weapon is in the bedroom of El Rancho Bicho as you make your way to the south-west of Cielo Gardens.
Urushi (AR-C)EsperanzaThe weapon is at the end of the western pier in the south of Old Pueblo.
Zona-51 (BP-2)EsperanzaHead to the north-east of Old Pueblo and come to La Divinidad Cathedral. The weapon can be found in a small clocktower next to a hole in the church ceiling.
Unique Rifles: Death Rites, F*ck Anton, and Viva Libertad Location in Far Cry 6
Unique Rifles: Camo Quinceanera, Sharkbite, and Noblesse Oblige Location in Far Cry 6
Unique Rifles: One Ping Only, Vaya Con Dios, and Surf and Turf Location in Far Cry 6
Unique Rifles: Hi-Fi, Urushi, and Zona-51 Location in Far Cry 6

IV. Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons: Sniper Rifles

El Depredador (.308 Carbine)The weapon can be acquired as a reward for upgrading the Hunting Lodge to level 3 for 200 medicines and metal in the guerrilla camp.
Sobek Special (.308 Carbine)MadrugadaHead along the east of Oasis Plains. You will obtain this weapon as a reward for completing the Cache Money Treasure Hunt.
Double Clutch (Yaran SR-A)MadrugadaIn Madrugada, there is a race poster in Costa Del Mar at Tranquila Beach. Win the Gran Premio race to obtain the weapon.
El Tirano (MBP.50)Valle De OroObtain the weapon at the top of the white lighthouse in the north-west corner of Escila Fort
The Transubstantiator (SVD)Valle De OroMake your way though the Noventarmas region of Valle De Oro. After that, go to the True Yaran Academy in the west of Cielo Gardens. The weapon is in the southeast part of the gardens. Climb down a manhole to obtain it.
Kobracon (Unique)This Blood Dragin weapon can be obtained from season pass as you reach the Libertad Island for the first time.
Unique Snipers: El Depredador, and Sobek Special Location in Far Cry 6
Unique Snipers: Double Clutch, El Tirano, The Transubstantiator, and Kobracon in Far Cry 6

V. Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons: SMGs

Iron Curtain (BP-SMG)Valle De OroHead your way to the eest from Segunda in Cruz Del Salvado. Locate the El Tigre Dormido Hotel and dive underwater in pier and there you will find the weapon.
Turn of the Century (BZ19)Madrugada Enter the Palma Forest in Lozania. Clear out the enemy outpost and grab the key from the officer. The weapon is in the armory.
Carriage Carnage (MP34)Valle De OroHead to the north of Diamante Lakes in Balaceras. The weapon is in the isolated train car on the broken train bridge.
Streamline Moderne (MP40)Madrugada Make you way to the north across the fields the Palma Forest. Go to the FND 2nd Armored Division outpost. Kill the officer for the key, or take over the outpost to acquire the weapon.
DIY Death (MP5-K)El EsteHead to the north-east of Concepion in Conuco and locate the Resolver Quarter. The weapon is in the car workshop between two dismantled turquoise-colored vehicles.
SMG-IssimoMadrugada Head to the south of Chivito Mogote. In the west of Lozania, enter a bar and there you will find the weapon.
The Heroic End (PPSH-41)El EsteLocate the People’s Pride Clinic in the north of Dorada Cove. The weapon is in the area with the patient isolation beds.
Unique SMGs: Iron Curtain, Turn of the Century, and Carriage Carnage Location in Far Cry 6
Unique SMGs: Streamline Moderne, DIY Death, SMG-Issimo, and The Heroic End Location in Far Cry 6

VI. Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons: LMGs

Sink or Swim (RPD)El EsteJourney to the south-east of Nueva Vida in Sierre Perdida. The armory is located in a shipwreck on the lake bed.
Impact Driver (MG42)Valle De Oro Locate Chancletas Resort as you trudge along the south of Muerte Point. Climb up the gate section of the courtyard. The armory will be inside the room.
Crackle & Pop (MG21)Esperanza Enter the El Rayo Cinema through northeast of West Lado. Climb the building with the zipline that leads to the Cinema. The armory is in the building.
Unique LMGs: Sink or Swim, Impact Driver, and Crackle and Pop Location in Far Cry 6

VII. Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons: Bows

Bullseye (Compound Bow)El EsteAs you journey through the south and along main road from Lapida Magote, you will come across a line of abandoned cages. The armory is in the rear side of the cage. Smash the door to obtain it.
El Capirote (Recurve Bow)This armory is earned as a reward for building the Hunting Lodge in Patriota Peaks in a Guerilla Camp. The building will require 40 medicines and metals.
Unique Bows: Bullseye, and El Capirote in Far Cry 6

VIII. Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons: Shotguns

Humidora (1887 Sawed-Off)Isla SantuarioThe armory is at the top of the Punte Este lighthouse in south-east coast of Quito.
El Rubi (M133)EsperanzaYou will find the armory in the Anton Castillo’s skyscraper in south of Torre Del.
Ciervo Macho (SBS)This armory is a reward for upgrade Hunting Lodge to level 2 in the guerrilla camp.
The True LoyalistValle De OroYou can obtain the armory after finishing the Treasure Hunt of Truest Yaran in Lions dam lake.
Excavation Execution (KSG)El EsteGet the armory as you complete The Long Drop Treasure Hunt in La Joya.
Supercharger (SPAS-12)MadrugadaLocate the FND Oil Platform in the north-west of Aguas Lindas. The weapon is inside the container on the top floor.
COM.PEW.TER (RM8-18)Valle De OroTo get the weapon, mount the tower in Taino Peak Relay Station which is in the south-east of Bandido Escarpment.
Unique Shotguns: Humidora, El Rubi, and Ciervo Macho Location in Far Cry 6
Unique Shotguns: The True Loyalist, Excavation Execution, Supercharger, and COM.PEW.TER Location in Far Cry 6

IX. Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons: Launchers

La Guaracha (RPG-7) Valle De Oro Go to the main urban area in Segunda, you will find a building with paintings of people on horses and palm trees. Enter the courtyard and the weapon is on the stage with the speakers.
El Caballero (MGL-6) Madrugada Head your way to the F. I. Escudo Steel Plant in Aguas Lindas. Obtain the weapon by seizing the FND Base.
La Petite Mort (M-79) Valle De Oro The armory will be given to you after completing the Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt.
Into Orbit Valle De Oro To obtain the weapon, complete the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt in the Star Rocker Brewery.
Unique Launchers: La Guaracha, El Caballero, La Petite Mort, and Into Orbit Location in Far Cry 6

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