Far Cry 6: Release Date, Characters, and More Features Revealed

Ubisoft has released worldwide the gameplay video of Far Cry 6 on its official Youtube Channel. Fans have awaited this teaser for so long. Far Cry 6 is set to be released on October 7, 2021, on respective platforms. According to the Far Cry 6 Gameplay, the story starts on Yara Island, situated at the heart of the Caribbean alongside rotting urban landscapes.

1. Quick Story

In the recent Far Cry 6 gameplay, they introduced Anton Castillo, President of Yara, who is making his city glorious but from his perspective only, and his motivations are worse than they seem. A person who refused him or will not obey his commands then they should pay off through his blood. His mistreatment of the Yaran people has brought the island dangerously close to unrest.

Far Cry Gameplay
Anton Castillo | Source: Ubisoft

You are playing as Dani Rojas, who’s experiencing the revolution through her naked eyes from the beginning. Now you take the chance to lead the army of guerrillas against Castillo to live a free and happy life. At the start of your journey, pick your identity and customize your look while ranking for the guerrilla movement. Let’s mark a goal to make yourself a brilliant guerrilla fighter to take down the dictator, Anton, and his army.

On moving ahead, you’ll meet other guerrillas, black market dealers who have their own reasons to join you in the fight, including Juan Cortez (Guerrilla Friend).

Juan is your guerrilla teacher who teaches you his mastery in revolution and makes you a better guerrilla. He teaches you some rules before taking the battle against Anton & his army. The rules are as follows:

  • Rule-1: A good guerrilla is a hidden guerrilla
  • Rule-2: A good guerrilla masters their environment
  • Rule-3: Fucked up situations call for fucked up solutions
  • Rule-16: Aguero’s revolution never ends, always another war, another cantina, another ugly bartender

Note: Only these rules were disclosed in the gameplay trailer.

2. Main Characters

  • Dani Rojas (Female): The female version of the game’s main protagonist who experienced the brutality of Castillo. She joined forces with Libertad, a group of guerrilla fighters, to finish Anton and his army.
  • Dani Rojas (Male): The male version of the main protagonist of the game who experienced the brutality of Castillo. He joined forces with Libertad, a group of guerrilla fighters, to finish Anton and his army.
  • Antonio Castillo: The main antagonist of the game who is the dictator of Yara and sacrifice his own people to forge his paradise
  • Diego Castillo: Son of Antonio Castillo and following his father’s deeds.
  • Clara Garcia: The leader of revolutionary group Libertad.
  • Juan Cortez: Guerrila Friend who is master of invention and architect of revolution. He is also a guerrilla teacher.
Far Cry Gameplay
Dani, Anton, Diego, Clara & Juan | Source: Ubisoft

3. Far Cry 6 with more features

However, it is not like a great departure for the series but its new features are quite better enough.

I. Holster your weapon to blend in

You can easily blend in the army of dictator Castillo by holstering your weapon. You are going to take them down by yourself. So, please don’t go too close for combats and mind some gap from your enemies when you are far away from them and see some enemies approaching you. Holster your weapon and take them down in a single blow.

II. Unique deadly weapons

Far Cry Gameplay
Deadly Weapons | Source: Ubisoft

There are plenty of unique deadly weapons on display like supremo backpacks that fires missiles & creates flame walls, weapons that fire compact discs while blaring Macarena, and miniguns built from motorcycle engines that execute your enemies’ army in a single blow.

III. Use photos to find mission locations

In the gameplay, we have seen Dani walking through a town holding up her phone. A shot of a building with graffiti on the walls appears on her phone’s screen, while another displays a hand-drawn depiction of a trail with palm trees. It’s the simple answer that Dani uses the photos on her phone to find the location. It is really a great feature, you no more have to use the map icon to find the location of what you are looking for.

Far Cry 6
Using Phone as a Map | Source: Ubisoft

IV. Animal pals as NPCs

“We don’t have Guns for Hire, per se, but we do definitely have other NPCs with you,”

David Grivel

For your company, there are some animal pals like Chorizo, an enthusiastic Daschund puppy in a wheelchair who can distract your enemies, and Guapo, a loyal crocodile who can tear your enemies into pieces & eat them with his golden tooth

Far Cry 6
Chorizo and Guapo | Source: Ubisoft

I prefer the company of these animal pals over the humans.

V. Riding Horses

In Far Cry 5, Montana is a state which is known for having horses but, you never got to ride. Finally, Ubisoft solves this weirdness and now you can ride horses.

Horse Riding
Horse Riding | Source: Ubisoft

You must be more excited for riding horses in the wild and mountainous terrain of Yara than driving a car.

VI. World looks real and beautiful

Far Cry 5’s Montana was a big and attractive place but never felt like a real one. However, Far Cry also solves this reality thing too and comes with such beautiful and real views. A true country with a massive capital city, numerous cities and villages strewn throughout the landscape, immense wildness, and tiny islands dotting the horizon.

Yara Mountains
Yara Mountains | Source: Ubisoft

We noticed through Far Cry 6 gameplay that it comes with realistic places where you must want to visit. So, wait for till October 7, 2021.

Now be ready to finish Anton and his army, furnish your skills and make a perfect strategy to complete the story. We hope you are also waiting for Far Cry 6 like us, and please share your thoughts for Far Cry 6 by commenting down below.

3. About Far Cry 6

Developed by Ubisoft Toronto and Published by Toronto, Far Cry 6 is an action-adventure first-person shooter game.The plot is set up on Yara, a fictional carribean island. You play as Dani Rojas, the protagonist of the story and a guerilla fighter to take down the dictator, Antón Castillo and his son Diego.

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