Things to Know About the iOS 17.0.2 Update

The iOS 17.0.2 update is the most recent version of Apple’s iOS 17 software, which is still being rolled out.

Apple released iOS 17 on 18th September 2023 to iPhone customers. Now, following a few days, the company launched iOS 17.0.1 and iOS 17.0.2 for the new iPhone 15 series. The latest iOS 17.0.2 to all other iPhone models, including the iPhone XS and newer, that are compatible with iOS 17.

In light of this, we’d like to walk you through everything you should know about iOS 17.0.2 update.

Release Date and Compatibility

iOS 17 has already received two updates! On September 22, iOS 17.0.1 was released, along with iOS 17.0.2 for iPhone 15 devices. However, on September 26, Apple released iOS 17.0.2 for other compatible iPhones.

iOS 17 is compatible with these devices
iOS 17 Compatible Devices | Source: Apple

iOS 17.0.2 Update Review

The shortest iOS 17.0.2 download size will be visible if your iPhone is currently running iOS 17.0.1. In comparison to iOS 17.0.1, it is about 281MB smaller. You won’t need to create a place for the download unless your iPhone is severely lacking storage.

Depending on the type of iPhone you have and the iOS version it is presently running, iOS 17.0.2 will have a different download size. You’ll notice a greater download if your iPhone is running a very ancient version of iOS. The modifications from the iOS releases you skipped are now included in iOS 17.0.2, for this reason.

In comparison to the first iOS 17 download and installation, the iOS 17.0.2 installation process shouldn’t take too long and will move along quickly.

Life of Battery & Connectivity

  • Currently, the battery life of iOS 17.0.2 is stable.
  • Wi-Fi access is quick and trustworthy.
  • The Bluetooth connection is stable.
  • Additionally, GPS and cellular data are functional.

App Efficiency

  • Netflix, Twitter, Slack, Gmail, Chrome, and Spotify are all functioning normally.
  • First-party applications like as Safari, Podcasts, and Calendar also function nicely.


  • We haven’t experienced any unusual latency, lockups, or freezes, and iOS 17.0.2 feels as quick as iOS 17.0.1 did.

Install the iOS 17.0.2 update on your iPhone right now if you’re experiencing glitches or poor performance with iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0, or iOS 16.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Another minor point release, iOS 17.0.2 is concentrated on solving a single issue.

A specific issue with iOS 17.0.2 is resolved, which may “prevent transferring data directly from another iPhone during setup.” That’s definitely a significant issue, thus we advise the majority of iPhone owners to get this update.

Except if you are upgrading from software that is older than iOS 17.0.1, the software has no externally visible features or bug patches.

In other words, if you’re upgrading from the most recent version of iOS 16, iOS 17.0.2 includes all of the features from iOS 17.0, Apple’s first release of iOS 17, as well as the fixes from iOS 17.0.1.

iOS 17.0.2 Security Updates

Consider immediately installing Apple’s iOS 17.0.2 update if security is a priority for you.

iOS 17.0.2 is shipped without any security updates. It will, however, provide the patches from the upgrades you missed to your iPhone if you missed prior versions of iOS.

Three significant updates were included in iOS 17.0.1 for iPhone. You may read more about these updates on Apple’s security website if you’re curious about their precise nature.

Regarding iOS 17, it included more than 40 new security patches. An astonishing amount, to put it mildly. Visit Apple if you want to learn more about them.

You’ll receive the security updates from earlier upgrades along with your iOS 17.0.2 update if you skipped iOS versions prior to that, such as iOS 16.6.1.

Along with those fixes, iOS 17 also includes several new privacy and security features, such as improvements to communication safety outside of messages.

It now incorporates data supplied via AirDrop, FaceTime, Contact Posters in the Phone app, and the system-wide photo picker. Sensitive images and videos can now be blurred before you decide to view them. Apple adds that beginning with iOS 17, Voice Memos encrypts not just the recordings itself but also the titles of recordings kept in iCloud.

iOS 17 Jailbreak

Most of you have a question, Is it possible to jailbreak iOS 17?

The answer is yes, but make sure you avoid the iOS 17.0.2 update. It’s a fun and risky process, though, that can make your device more useful while also introducing a host of new issues. Your device’s warranty is voided, and numerous hardware and software problems may result.

There are numerous tools that help you in jailbreaking the Apple iOS.

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