How To Mine Ore in New World

Collecting resources is a crucial task in the New World, as several crafting processes require many materials to reach the highest-tier products. So, you need to Mine the ores in the Amazon’s New World to create armors, weapons, and more.

However, you must obtain them in a specific order, as each type of ore necessitates higher mining skill levels. The ability to track them using a compass or map is equivalent. As a result, aspiring weaponsmiths, engineers, alchemists, and others will need to farm in various resource-rich places to get experience.

Well, here you’ll get the knowledge of mine ores in the New World.

What is Mining in New World?

Mining is a skill used to obtain ores, stone, Oil, jewels, motes, and several craft modifications in the New World. It requires the use of a pickaxe with the appropriate attachments. Also, several craft mods are applied to equipment to provide mining benefits.

You need to find 9 different types of ore necessary for crafting weapons, armor, and other items. Here is how to get all 9 ores for Mining in New World.

I. Mine Low-Tier Ores in New World

Everything You Need To Know About Mining Ores in New World
Mine Low-Tier Ores

Iron Ore

Iron Ore is the first metallic resource you want to acquire because it requires no mining skill level. Well, you need a pickaxe and strong arms to dig into the brown stones for the treasures that lay within. Moreover, you need a mining skill level of 25 to track Iron Ore on the compass at the top of your screen in New World.

You can find Iron Ore in the Highlands regions in New World. Also, Everfall and First light are the best spots to find Iron Ore in New World.

Silver Ore

Now, you may find Silver Ore in light grey boulders, which require a Mining skill level of 10 or higher to collect. However, you cannot find Silver Ore until you have a Mining skill level of at least 35, experience-farm Iron Ore to get to this point faster.

Dankur Hollow and Eldergate are the best spots to find Silver Ore in New World.


Oil, unlike the metals and stones in New World’s mechanics, is classified as ore, and you must collect it from Seeping Stones once you have reached level 20 in Mining. From level 45 onwards, you can track these black goo-dripping stones in New World.

You can find Oil at the marsh in Weaver’s Fen, the only place in New World.

II. Mine Mid-Tier Ores

Everything You Need To Know About Mining Ores in New World
Mine Mid-Tier Ores

Gold Ore

Unlike other metals, Gold Ore is more important for weaponsmithing and armorsmithing. It is the famed precious metal used in crafting more delicate and expensive items of gear. However, you can only mine Gold Ore if you have a mining skill level of 45 and track at 70.

Like Iron Ore and Silver Ore, you can find Gold Ore in Cutlass Keys, Reekwater, and Great Cleave regions in New World.

Alchemy Stones

As Alchemy Stones are of great interest to aspiring alchemists. Therefore, if you want to make potions from self-harvested ingredients, you should consider raising your mining skill at level 50. Furthermore, you can track Alchemy Stones at level 75.

Starmetal Ore

You can easily pick out blue Starmetal Ore among other rocks due to its bright coloration. However, you must spot some, but you’ll need the mining skill level of 100 before collecting Starmetal Ore. Also, it will take until level 125 to track it down and make looking for it solely by sight useless.

You can find Starmetal Ore all over the map in New World, typically located inside caves and along cliffs and ridges.

III. Mine High-Tier Ores

Everything You Need To Know About Mining Ores in New World
Mine High-Tier Ores


Lodestones are dark grey with light brown flecks, and they’re easy to overlook. However, they don’t yield precious metals or magical materials instead, they supply ordinary stone, albeit higher tiers.

You can collect Lodestone goods once you have reached level 105 of your Mining & tracked starting at level 155. Moreover, Great Cleave, Brightwood, Weaver’s Fen, Cutlass Keys, and Everfall are the regions where you can find or farm Lodestone in New World.

Platinum Ore

Platinum Ore, which looks similar to Silver Ore, is considerably rarer and will require a significantly higher Mining skill level of 110 to be collected by eager players.

Furthermore, it is one of the most challenging ores to discover in the game, as it only appears in relatively high-level regions. However, tracking becomes considerably more effortless with a Mining skill level of 135, which is oddly lower than the tracking requirement for Lodestone.

Reekwater, Edengrove, and Shattered Mountain are the best places to find or farm Platinum Ore in New World.

Orichalcum Ore

Even though Orichalcum Ore is a harmless rock, this vibrant red ore appears angry, as if Mining it would be dangerous. However, you want to smelt the legendary refined metal, Asmodeus (and regular Orichalcum Ingots). You must have a mining skill level of 175 to collect plenty of Orichalcum Ore in the New World. Also, level 200 is required to track this rarest of metals, and after that, you’ll be known as the Mining Master in New World.

You can find Orichalcum Ore almost all over the Aeternum region in New World.

Finally, you must have achieved a Mining Master achievement and know every mine ores in New World. Although, we’ll bring some more guides for you. Please stay connected with us.

About New World

New World is an Open World MMO game launched by Amazon Games. The game’s location is set upon Aeternum, a mysterious island discovered during the twilight of the Age of Exploration. You can channel supernatural forces or wield deadly weapons in a classless, real-time combat system. It can be played alone, with a small team, or in massed armies for PvE and PvP battles. New World is exclusive to the PC platform.

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