Destiny 2 Finally Introduces Fishing in Season of the Deep

The teaser for Destiny 2 Season of the Deep has arrived, and probably the most unexpected element was fishing. Yes, you’re right, Season 21 brings a brand-new fishing activity to our fave looter-shooter, allowing us to unwind with a few fish without having to experience the excitement of the fairly enormous fish taking center stage in the Season of the Deep.

The trailer begins with a tonne of important-sounding information about Sloane helping an ancient sea creature who reportedly knows about the Witness, the main antagonist of Lightfall, and the entire Light and Darkness narrative in Destiny. We have a six-player underwater activity, new Taken-inspired weapons, etc. Although it’s interesting, fishing isn’t the focus. It doesn’t appear until the very end of the trailer, and it is magnificent.

It’s obvious to catch a fish, you must go to a particular spot. These may be found in Savathun’s Throne World, Nessus, and even the EDZ.

These fishing locations are identified by a tiny wooden platform with flagpoles decorated with fish. There’s a chance that the fish you can catch may vary depending on where you go fishing in Destiny 2.

While we search for strategies to catch up to and vanquish the Witness, Titan will be a popular location in Season of the Deep. We’ll also be learning more about the leviathan on Titan.

According to a press statement,

“players who own the Season Pass will have access to weekly Deep Dive missions, the specially created Seasonal activity called Salvage, and the brand-new Fishing activity.”


Finally, Destiny 2 may have lunch at the MMO table.

About Destiny 2

Bungie created the free-to-play FPS video game, Destiny 2. It was first made available in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows as a pay-to-play title. Under the New Light, it was made free to play using the games as a service approach.

To defend mankind against various alien species and fight the approaching danger of the Darkness, players take on the role of Guardians, defenders of Earth’s only safe city.

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