Everything about HarmonyOS 3: Features, Launch, and Supported Devices

HarmonyOS is Huawei’s own operating system. The company is now preparing to unveil a new version of HarmonyOS in China. According to a statement from the company on its official Weibo account, the next-generation HarmonyOS 3 will officially launch on July 27. Below is a detailed guide on HarmonyOS 3 features and supported devices. 

HarmonyOS 3 Features

The third edition of HarmonyOS gives programmers access to more than 6,000 APIs, enabling dynamic, well-designed applications. It’s likely that HarmonyOS 3 will have enhanced animation effects and the user interface. This update is probably going to improve software performance and real-time task management over other Android 12 software skins like Xiaomi MIUI 13. 

Additionally, it comes with the brand-new Huawei ArkUI programming framework, which makes life simpler for programmers. The popular Super Device feature will also receive an upgrade in HarmonyOS 3 to improve functionality.

Apart from that, Android Open Source Project (AOSP) compatibility with the Android 12 version is present in the most recent internal beta of HarmonyOS 3.0. A significant technology of the HarmonyOS device ecosystem, the Super Device feature, will also receive additional upgrades in HarmonyOS 3 in addition to these inputs.

Everything about HarmonyOS 3: Features, Launch, and Supported Devices
Harmony OS 3 | Source: Huawei

In addition to Super Home Screen, there is a new cross-device sharing function that makes sharing between smartphones easier. Another helpful HarmonyOS 3 feature i.e. large folders, will soon have customization options for the most extreme use scenarios.

Moreover, Huawei has put a lot of effort into cross-device connection scenarios to improve connectivity between HarmonyOS devices, which is crucial for third-party connections.

Another feature of HarmonyOS 3 gives you brand-new security and privacy settings to understand how apps and the phone itself operate with your permissions. However, more features and settings will be made available after the launch.

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Huawei P50 Pro and P50 Pocket | Source: Huawei

HarmonyOS 3 Supported Devices

Although Huawei hasn’t released an official statement with a list of compatible devices. It is expected that the key flagship devices will get the upgrade. HarmonyOS 3 may support the Huawei Mate Xs, Huawei Smart Screen SE series, P50, and P40 series, as well as the Mate 40 series. 

Launch and Conclusion 

HarmonyOS 3 will debut on July 27 with Huawei. Along with this new HarmonyOS version, a variety of new technologies will be introduced. We still have to wait for explicit details of HarmonyOS 3 features.

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