Everything About Blood Moon in V Rising

V Rising is a pretty successful game right now, considering how young it is. The game has various in-game timeline events, one of which is Blood Moon which occurs kind of rarely in V Rising. More about that is in this article 

How would a vampire go about in their daily life? The game V Rising lets us kind of experience that. In the game, you are a new Vampire looking to find a place in the world while surviving amongst brutal bosses, sunlight, and other harmful elements. As you go on hunting, building, and gathering resources (just like a prehistoric-era human) you gradually progress from weakness to strength.

So, as you are a Vampire in this game moonlit nights are your turf. What would happen if it were to give you more power and speed, in addition, to let you roam around openly? That is what happens during Blood Moon in V Rising.

I. What is the Blood Moon in V Rising?

Blood Moon in V Rising

Blood Moon is kind of like an event in the Day/Night Cycle of V Rising, which happens relatively rarely.

It’s occurrence is random and rare. The Blood Moon’s hours, which run from 6 PM to 9 AM and give players some stat bonuses throughout that time, which is the only thing that is constant about it.

It should be noted that the Blood Moon happens when the Moon is already out, so if you were looking for a day of complete darkness, that, unfortunately, won’t happen.

1. The Effects of Blood Moon in V Rising

When there is a blood moon, V Rising’s world takes on a red hue, and your character begins to glow red.

The Blood Moon buff or bonus raises your Movement Speed by 10% and adds 20% to the effects of your current blood type. During Blood Moon, if you take on wolf form, you travel very quickly. A great bump of 20% is also applied to all the damage bonuses associated with your blood type.

II. How to utilize the Blood Moon in V Rising?

The first and very obvious thing to do during Blood Moons in V Rising is to beat challenging bosses. You can retry the fights against the bosses who have given you a really hard time and show them who’s the real boss. Make sure you have the proper blood type to utilize the buff to its full extent.

In addition to the satisfaction of beating them, after you win against them you’ll get a lot of resources. Collecting resources is very vital for your progress, so that’s the second thing that you should focus on during the Blood Moon in V Rising.

Beating bosses will also increase your level further expanding your arsenal of weapons and upgrades you can do to become an even more powerful vampire.

III. About V Rising: 

V Rising is an open-world sandbox survival game released in May 2022 by Sunlock Studios. In the game, you come to life as a vampire. To build up your strength and avoid the hot heat, look for blood in surrounding communities. Build your castle and prosper in a mysterious, ever-changing open universe. Recruit online partners to help you take control of the living world. 

V Rising only launched a few months ago, and already in Early Access, the game started performing remarkably well. The number of gamers was about seventy thousand and more. On Steam, during that time it received over four thousand reviews, 90% of which were favorable.

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