Every Type of Special Ridden Zombie and How to Beat them in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is more or less based on the zombie shooter Left 4 Dead. It is safe to say that the game is the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead. Having copied a lot from its predecessor, Back 4 Blood has a ton of different types of zombies. Back 4 Blood has brought up a total of six special infected or zombies in the game who are boldly named Special Ridden.

Special Ridden is a special set of zombies in the game. Their unique abilities set them apart from the rest of the normal infected. These special-ridden zombies are difficult to tackle especially on Veteran and Nightmare difficulty. Here in this guide, we will cover everything so far known about Special Ridden Zombies and how you can beat them.

I. Special Ridden Back 4 Blood: Every Zombie Type and How to Beat Them

Similar to Left 4 Dead, players in Back 4 Blood won’t just be dealing with the ordinary zombies. They will also face a number of mutated zombies. The special-ridden zombies come with far more aggressive abilities to hunt for survivors and take them down.

As of now only there are a total of four Special Ridden Zombies in Back 4 Blood. However, it is also possible that there might be more to come in the future. Considering the game is still in its beta stage and so far only one act is playable in Back 4 Blood, any future add-ups into the lineup are ambiguous. We’ll get to know more on this once the game is out and players get to play all the acts in Back 4 Blood.

Now let’s talk about each type of Special Ridden Zombie in Back 4 Blood and How to beat them.

1. Snitchers and how to beat them in Back 4 Blood?

Snitchers in Back 4 Blood | Source: Fandom

They are easily recognizable by their long necks. Snitchers do not have much in their arsenal and have fewer combat capabilities and health. However, don’t underestimate them they are still very much to be afraid of. Their main strength includes the ability to screech and alert a horde of zombies to the location of the survivors.

They are quick to take down and have a weak spot on their neck. You can beat Snitchers in Back 4 Blood by quickly shooting bullets on their neck. However, Be quick to react, or else they’ll alert nearby zombies, and chances of you getting overrun by the horde become high.

Moreover, they will only make the screeching noise when they sense the player’s presence. Therefore, you can also sneak past them. This gives you the option to not engage with them unnecessarily.

2. Exploders/Retches and how to beat them in Back 4 Blood?

Exploders/Retches in Back 4 Blood | Source: Fandom

There are a total of two versions of this enemy i.e. Exploder and Retch. Both of these versions are big and hard to take down. Firstly, the Exploder, as the name suggests, explodes on death. The Exploder deals massive damage and knocks players back.

Second, comes the Retch, they spit out a deadly acid. Similar to the spitters in Left 4 Dead once they die they also explode and leave behind a pool of acid. You can beat Exploders and Retches in Back 4 Blood by avoiding them at close-range battles.

Try to stay keep their distance in choke points as they can take down your entire team in one go.

3. Stingers and how to beat them in Back 4 Blood?

Stingers in Back 4 Blood | Source: Fandom

They appear not as ghastly as others. However, packs a pretty strong and effective loadout. Their ability includes bouncing around on the walls rather than attacking directly. They also spit out a sticky goop that locks players in place. Moreover, they have fairly low health and have a weak spot on their stomach.

If not taken care of quickly, they can cause a lot of trouble for you and your team. Furthermore, You require a teammate to help you once you are stuck on his goop. The only way to beat Stinger in Back 4 Blood is to not linger around and stick with your team all time.

Getting stuck with no teammates around will put you at a great disadvantage against these deadly zombies.

4. Bruisers and how to beat them in Back 4 Blood?

Bruiser in Back 4 Blood | Source: Back 4 Blood

They fall under the category of Tallboys and deals great damage up close. They can easily be identified by their one enormous, club-like arm. At higher difficulty settings one blow from them and you’re done for! It is not at all advisable to run into him close-range.

Their weak spot lies on their right shoulder, where their giant club arm connects to their torso. You can beat Bruisers in Back 4 Blood by sneaking up on them from behind and attacking their weak spots and not indulging in close-range battles.

Moreover, they are smart enough to protect their weak point. Therefore, it is advisable for you to distract them and get behind them to take him down with a surprise attack on his weak spot.

5. Breaker and how to beat them in Back 4 Blood?

Breaker in Back 4 Blood | Source: Fandom

The Breaker reminds us of the Tanks in Left 4 Dead. They have a similar attack style as them and charge at players with an intent to kill. If not dealt with on time consider a huge dent in the health of players if not death. Such is the strength of a Breaker.

Their ability includes slamming the ground with incredible force and creating a powerful shockwave that damages and knocks players back. However, their big size does not hinder their movements. They are quick to react and swift in movements something unexpected with zombies of their size. You can beat Breaker by attacking them along with your teammates from a distance.

6. The Ogre and how to beat them in Back 4 Blood?

Ogre in Back 4 Blood | Source: Fandom

Finally, the Ogre is the boss of all zombies in Back 4 Blood. He is gigantic in shape and can soak up a ton of damage. Unlike Breaker, his movements are slow — Phew! He is very difficult to take down and if you lack proper firepower evading his reach by running might be your best chance to survive.

However, if you still wish to challenge him in a duel, aim for his weak spots at the glowing flesh bulbs on his chest, neck, and back. As of now, there’s no reward for killing him. Although, take Ogre down makes sure he doesn’t pop up later in the game.

It is also important to note if you plan to take shelter inside a building or structure the Ogre cannot enter, make sure to stay far away from the doorway. As the Ogre can easily reach for you through the door. If that happens you’d be forced to engage with him in a battle or find a safe hide-out after escaping his reach again.

To conclude, you can beat Ogre in Back 4 Blood by shooting at his weak spots and keeping your distance from him as he is slow in his movements. Ogre might also burrow underground he is unable to reach the Cleaners for any reason or if players put up enough of a fight to wound him greatly. Do as mentioned above, and you’ll be good to go.

So this was all about how to beat every type of special-ridden zombie in Back 4 Blood. Do pen down your thoughts as to who do you think is the most fun to duel among special-ridden zombies in Back 4 Blood? Happy Gaming!

II. About Back 4 Blood 

Back 4 Blood is a multiplayer FPS shooter game developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game is supposed to be the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. Players get to play 4 player cooperative games and 8 players in a PvP mode. The plot is set after a worldwide outbreak caused by a newly discovered parasite. The game is available to play on  Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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