Dying Light 2 Missable Quests Walkthrough

There are a number of Dying Light 2 Missable items, collectibles, and Achievements or Trophies that can only be picked up at certain points in the game. Therefore, any completionists attempting to get 100% completion in Dying Light2 will have to grab them the first time around or risk having to do the whole campaign again. Here’s how to get Dying Light 2 Missable Achievements or Trophies by completing Missable Quests in Dying Light 2 to attain that 100% completionist score-

1. What are Missable Quests in Dying Light 2?

These are the quests that you should do during the prologue of Dying Light 2. These are the only missable collectives on the game; so, you want to get these before doing anything else and these are just smacking bang on the prologue. So, we will get these in the first half an hour of the prologue.

2. Dying Light 2 Missable Quests Walkthrough

There are totally Three Collectibles that you should collect while walking through the first house during the Prologue of Dying Light 2. The Three Collectibles are namely-

Dying Light 2 Missable Quests Walkthrough
  • Just after you get into the first building, head to the Kitchen and walk towards the table. You will find a piece of Newspaper. For your better identification, the headline in the piece is- ‘5 Years Later, WHO REMEMBERS HARRAN?’ This Newspaper is the first Missable Collectible.
  • The Second Missable Collectible is present in the garden. You will find a table and, on the table, you will find a photo. The Photo is not a missable collectible and is not useful in the story’s progression. Then roam around the garden and on another table in the garden, you will find a photo frame with a letter underneath it. The Letter’s greeting will be – ‘Dearest Mary’. This is the second Missable Collective which is a need for advancing into the story. In the garden, other than the photo on the table and the letter, you even have another collective but both the photo and this one aren’t of any use for the actual story’s progression in any manner.
  • For reaching the final collectible, you need to go down the zip line outside the house and go into the small abandoned church. On the desk inside the church, you will find a book. Collect the book from the Altar. That is the third and final collectible in the Prologue of Dying Light 2.

3. What are the Missable Trophies which you will receive by completing the Missable Quests in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 Missable Quests Walkthrough
Dodger in Dying Light 2

There are five (5) achievements or trophies that you will receive for completing the Missable Quests. The Trophies are-

  • Boot Licker- Reach City Alignment 7 for any faction. Keep assigning facilities or districts to the same faction until it unlocks
  • Fit as a Fiddle- Max out health. It cannot be done at the same time as Ironheart. Save up 78 Inhibitors, then make a copy of the game’s save. Use the Inhibitors to upgrade health to max and get the Achievement, exit the game, overwrite the current save with the copy made, then go back in and upgrade stamina instead
  • Ironheart- Max out Stamina. Cannot to be done at the same time as Fir as a Fiddle, see above
  • Audiophile- Fine all collectible recordings, semi-missable. Some tapes are in areas that become inaccessible later in single-player, so to get them players will have to join another players’ co-op session and revisit those areas
  • Archivist- Find all collectibles, which is missable; the three items listed above.

So, to get a greater number of trophies, do collect all the three Missable Collectives and even those two extra missable – the photo and the other one in the garden.  Happy Gaming.

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