Dying Light 2 Choice: Should I Help Hakon or Leave him to Die?

Dying Light 2, like a great RPG out there, is a game that challenges your morality and asks you to make difficult choices to determine the future of your experience. Right from the start of the open-world portion of the game, you’re forced to make difficult calls that will have adverse effects on the later stages of the game. One of such difficult choices which we have to make during the game is- ‘Whether to Help Hakon or Leave him to Die’. I will help you out in coming to a conclusion, to make your choice a bit easier.

1. Story before making the decision- Whether to Help Hakon or Leave him to Die?

The decision to save Hakon or leave him comes after your choice to side with Aitor or Sophie. Once you have made your decision, Hakon will tell you to meet him at his hideout on the map. Here, you will discover a wound on his chest that matches the one given to Commander Lucas’s assailant. You’ve already spent the last few hours trying to track down who killed the Commander of the Peacekeepers, with Hakon supposedly helping you along the way.

However, it is revealed to you that Waltz hired Hakon. Waltz is the man you are trying to hunt down, to kill Lucas. Hakon did his job and even tried to frame Sophie and Barney for the murder. After Hakon tells you all of this, he gets shot with a crossbow. The man who Hakon thinks is Waltz is the one who shot him to tie up loose ends.

You will now have 30 seconds to decide whether to Help Hakon or Leave him to Die.

Dying Light 2 Choice: Should I Help Hakon or Leave him to Die?
Should I Help Hakon or Leave him to Die?

2. Should I Help Hakon or Leave him to Die?

Every coin has two sides- heads and tails. In the same way, every situation puts forward two option and every choice have its own consequences. So, let’s see the consequences of each choice-

I. If You Choose to Help Hakon

Choosing to help Hakon will have you handle the sniper while betraying him for any advice he chooses to give you, understandably so given the situation. Once you finally make your way to the sniper and find out that it isn’t Waltz who tried to kill him. But you meet a character, Lawan. You will become familiar with it for the remainder of the game, but of course, fail to kill her.

Lawan has Hakon on her hit list and she is just trying to kill him, not you. With her dealt with, you tell Hakon he’s safe now but to not contact any further. If you go down this route, Hakon will show up later in the game near the ending and will have a hand in the final decision of the game, making one option clearly better over the other.

Choose to Help Hakon

II. If You Choose to Leave Him to Die

Choosing to leave Hakon will simply see Aiden walk away, resigning him to whatever fate the sniper leaves him. Presumably, he does die as mentioned later in the game, but he won’t be able to help you come that final moment and will leave your Aiden with a somewhat tough decision for his own sake.

Choose to Leave Hakon

3. Conclusion

Your decision here plays out massively later in Dying Light 2. If you ask me, I would go with the first option i.e.; to help Hakon. It is a better option to help Hakon because the story can play out far differently than if you left him to die. But in the end, it’s your decision whether to help Hakon or to leave him to die.

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