Dying Light 2 Authority Pack Not Working Fix

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a 2022 action role-playing survival horror video game. So, being a new game there are many glitches, bugs, and issues within the game. Few of them are being resolved by the developers; whereas, a few glitches or issues still have no solution to fix them. One such issue that many are facing in Dying Light 2 is the malfunctioning of the Authority Pack. Read this to know more about why Dying Light 2 Authority Pack Not Working and is there any solution for the Authority Pack issue-

1. What is Authority Pack in Dying Light 2?

Authority Pack is a DLC (downloadable content) pack. This pack comprises the game’s current free Authority downloadable material, which is split into three parts. As of now we only know the first part. The first section will include the following:

  • Cargo Pants
  • High Tops
  • Jacket

The second section will include a pair of gloves, bracers, and headgear (aka a mask that covers the lower half of your face).

The third section will have a weapon, which seems to be half an engine block on a big metal pipe. All the gear is based on the aesthetics of the Peacekeepers faction, aka more police-state people.

2. Malfunctioning of Authority Pack in Dying Light 2

Most of the players playing Dying Light 2 on PlayStation 5 are facing the issue with the Authority Pack; many reported that the Authority Pack is not working properly on their PlayStation 5 console. Due to problem CE-107880-4, PlayStation 5 players are unable to obtain the Authority Pack DLC (downloadable content) outfit.

Dying Light 2 Authority Pack Not Working Fix
Dying Light 2

Instead of the Authority Pack, they get error CE-107880-4 whenever they open their stash. This is why the Peacekeeper-themed clothing and weaponry in Dying Light 2 Stay Human are unavailable to PlayStation 5 players. This seems to only impact PlayStation 5 players. You will either see the error, or you won’t even see the bundle, or you won’t even be able to start the download.

3. How to fix the issue of Authority Pack not Working Properly?

Unfortunately, due to the CE-107880-4 problem, PlayStation 5 gamers will not be able to obtain the Authority Pack DLC (downloadable content) outfit in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. When you open the stash, sometimes you won’t be able to see this package, sometimes you won’t be able to download it, and sometimes you will get the error CE-107880-4.

Presently, there is no solution to fix the issue in Dying Light 2. Some say that the reason behind the issue is that the game seems to be downloading the PlayStation 4 version of the Authority Pack DLC (downloadable content) or something. In other words, it is all a bit of a nightmare at the moment. As of now, all you can do is wait for Techland to fix this issue. I don’t think you will have to wait for it too long.

4. Conclusion

I wish the developers would look into this matter as early as possible as most of the PlayStation 5 gamers are experiencing this issue. These kinds of issues will destroy the interest to experience such a crazy game. PlayStation 5 gamers, I assure you that you need not wait for a longer time, as many tweets are going viral on social media. So, this would take the issue to the developers much sooner and they will fix it at the earliest.

Dying Light 2 Authority Pack Not Working Fix
Dying Light 2

We will be back with many such updates about Dying Light 2 Stay Human. I hope that the Authority Pack issue gets resolved very soon and every PlayStation 5 can witness the items and experience the upgrades in Dying Light 2.

Happy Gaming!

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