How to Download Shutterstock Images Without a Watermark for Free?

Shutterstock is the best website to use authentic pictures. The website is for photographers, designers, graphic designers, illustrators, etc to sell their work and images. Many people use Shutterstock images for their blogs or website. Around 1 lakh fresh pictures are uploaded here for different categories every day. But, it is quite annoying when you download with Shutterstock images watermark. The watermark behind it ultimately ruins the quality of the image. In this guide, we will show you how to download Shutterstock images without Watermark. 

Download Free Shutterstock Images Without Watermark

Since Shutterstock images are the best desirable source for many. By following the below methods, you can download Free Shutterstock Images without Watermark:

  • Go to and go through the images there.
  • After looking through the pictures, pick the one you wish to download.
  • Visit after copying the image’s URL.
  • Paste the URL into the text box and choose “Find a photo.”
  • You can download the image for free if it is accessible.

Shutterstock Images Alternative | Free Shutterstock Images Download Without Watermark

Here are some other websites to use, to download free Shutterstock images. have free images. Additionally, this website is CC0 licenced, allowing you to use it for either personal or professional purposes. Simply select the image and download it for nothing. You can now obtain watermark-free, free pictures from> go here.


All photographs on StockSnap are licenced under the Creative Commons CC0 licence. This implies that you are free to copy, edit, and distribute any image on the website without getting anyone’s consent. You can download free and without watermark images here. 

How to Download Shutterstock Images Without a Watermark for Free


Unsplash is another website to download watermark-free pictures for free. It is a digital photography community to download free images. Additionally, the photographs on this site are available under the CC0 licence, allowing for unrestricted distribution and usage.

You can now use the above methods to get a free Shutterstock image without a watermark. The ways mentioned above are legal. However, it is advisable to thoroughly check the website and image before downloading it in any illegal way. 

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