Dimitri Character Ability, Will He Replace Alok in Free Fire?

Garena will bring brand new characters for their players with exclusive character abilities which excite the players on a whole different level. Character ability plays an important role in Free Fire. Garena added brand new characters Dimitri and Thiva in a recent update. A lot of players are saying Dimitri will replace Alok in Free Fire. Let’s discuss Dimitri character ability and Will he replace Alok from Free Fire?

1. Dimitri Character Ability

Dimitri’s Character ability name is Healing Heartbeat. This ability is like Alok’s ability of healing but there are some more to it also. This ability will create a 3.5 diameter healing zone. If team-mates are in the healing zone there 3HP will recover in every 1 second. Moreover, when a team-mate is down he/she can self recover to get up when inside the healing zone. This ability will last for 10 seconds.

2. Will Dimitri replace Alok in Free Fire?

We guess in the future players will use Dimitri over Alok. Dimitri will give two benefits for players but Aok only gives one. It is helpful in many ways for players. You can remove Alok and put this character ability in his place. Not only does it provide you with a healing zone but also the player can self recover when knockdown by the enemy. Alok can only provide you with a healing zone.

3. How To Get Dimitri in Free Fire

Dimitri will go live in-game on 12th August 2021. Now, you can buy Dimitri from the in-game shop for 599 diamonds.

4. About Free Fire

Free Fire is the best multiplayer game for low RAM devices in the world. Developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. In 2019, it became the most downloaded mobile game globally, and Google Play awarded this game with the title of “Best Popular Vote Game” in 2019. There are over 500 Million downloads on Google Play.

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