Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Blood in V Rising

Vampires feed on Blood. Hence, in a Vampire survival game, all aspects of blood play a very crucial role in making your in-game survival possible. Here is our guide about the different types of blood in V Rising. What are the different stat boosts for different types of blood in V Rising?

But before knowing about all of these, let’s know about Blood Pool and how can you fill your blood pool in V Rising. So, Blood Pool in V Rising is something that will slowly diminish over time. You can fill your blood pool by using the Feed ability (“F” key) on the various creatures and enemies in the world of Vardoran. Whenever your blood pool becomes empty, you will be taking damage. This will continue until you will refill your blood pool. But drinking blood will also change your blood type.

What are the different types of blood in V Rising and what are different stat boosts for different types of blood?

There are a total of seven (7) different types of blood in V Rising. Namely –

  • Frailed
  • Creature
  • Brute
  • Rogue
  • Warrior
  • Worker
  • Scholar

Type #1: Frailed –

Frailed is the default blood type that you’ll have when you first spawn in as a new player on a server. You’ll also reset back to frailed when you die and respawn. Frailed has no associated benefits. Even low-quality blood of a different type is better than frailed as they’ll offer minor benefits. You will have to find an enemy to leech blood from as soon as possible to change to another blood type.

Type #2: Creature –

Type #2: Creature

The Creature blood type is the best for survivability and exploring the map. Creature blood type has five (5) different tiers. And with an increase from one tier to another, the effect will enhance to a better version or a better ability. The five tiers are –

  1. The Tier I: 3-15% movement speed
  2. Tier II: 10-25 increased Sun Resistance rating
  3. The Tier III: 10-20% damage reduction
  4. Tier IV: 150% increased health regeneration
  5. Tier V: Boost all the above effects by 30%

You can get the Creature blood type from animals around Vardoran.

Type #3: Brute –

Type #3: Brute

The Brute blood type increases your damage and health recovery in combat, making you a tanky killer who can jump into the middle of any fight. Similar to Creature, Brute even has five (5) tiers; namely

  1. The Tier I – 7.5-12.5% primary attack Life Leech
  2. Tier II – 7.5-15% increased primary attack speed and gain 1 gear level
  3. Tier III – Healing received increased by 20-35%. Heal self for 4% of your victim’s health when striking a killing blow
  4. Tier IV – 6% chance per relative health recovered to boost movement speed by 20% and damage of primary attacks by 25%
  5. Tier V – Boost all the above effects by 30%

Generally, you can find this blood type in humanoid enemies like bandits and soldiers.

Type #4: Rogue –

The Rogue blood type makes you faster in combat, while also increasing your critical hit chance. The five tiers of Rogue effects are –

  1. The Tier I: 10-20% chance of critical strike on weapon attacks
  2. Tier II: 8-15% movement speed
  3. The Tier III: 12-25% reduced cooldown on travel skill. 100% chance of critical strike on the next physical attack after using a travel skill
  4. Tier IV: 50% chance on critical strike to expose victim’s armor, increasing damage taken from all sources by 15% for 4 seconds
  5. Tier V: Boost all the above effects by 30%

You can get this blood type by feeding on human enemies.

Type #5: Warrior –

Type #5: Warrior

The Warrior blood type is all about damage. Big damage from your weapons, reducing damage from enemy weapons and reducing cooldowns on your weapon skills so that you can deal huge damage more often. Here are the five tiers of Warrior’s effects –

  1. The Tier I: 10-20% increased physical power
  2. Tier II: 8-15% reduced cooldown on weapon skills
  3. The Tier III: 7.5-15% reduced damage taken and 25% increased damage when striking enemies at full health
  4. Tier IV: 15% chance to parry an attack reducing damage taken by 50%. Parrying an attack increases your own damage by 25%
  5. Tier V: Boost all the above effects by 30%

Similar to Rogue, Warrior is common amongst human enemies.

Type #6: Scholar –

The Scholar blood type focuses on your magical abilities, increasing their damage and reducing spell cooldowns. This will improve the effectiveness of many of your vampire abilities. For vampires who prefer magic spells over swinging a sword, Scholar blood type is something you should be looking for. The five tiers of effect are –

  1. The Tier I: 12-25% increased spell power
  2. Tier II: 9-15% reduced cooldown on spells
  3. The Tier III: 5-10% spell life leech
  4. Tier IV: 20% chance to reset spell cooldown on cast
  5. Tier V: Boost all the above effects by 30%

If you are looking for Scholar blood type, you should be looking to hunt down priests and other magic-wielding enemies. You can find these magic-wielding enemies in the Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills.

Type #7: Worker –

Different Types of Blood & Their Qualities in V Rising, Explained

Worker is the blood type that focuses on resource gathering. To build, or to just make some best weapons in V Rising using Iron and Silver; you will need this blood type. The five tiers of the effects are –

  1. The Tier I: 10-30% increased resource yield
  2. Tier II: 15-25% increased damage against resource objects
  3. The Tier III: 10-20% increased mount gallop speed
  4. Tier IV: 3% chance to instantly destroy a resource node and trigger a burst of speed
  5. Tier V: Boost all the above effects by 30%

You will be getting Worker blood type from NPCs that are not hostile. So, you can find this blood type in villages and towns around the Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills.

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