Difference Between React vs Angular vs Vue

Choosing the right front-end frameworks for your website is not an easy job. This is because there are many options to choose when developing a visually appealing website with an unforgettable user experience. So to help you in finding the right framework, we have listed out the difference between top 3 frontend frameworks of all time i.e. React vs Angular vs Vue.

What is Frontend Framework?

Frontend frameworks are the building block of the web development process designed to help developers to provide a seamless experience to their users. It includes packages containing pre-written code that give you a base to build an application or website.

Let’s start,

1. React

React is a popular frontend open-source JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook. It was developed to fix the supportability issues occurring due to the constant addition of new features in an application. React helps developers in creating highly responsive web applications. Over the years, React stands out as a top 3 framework because of its Virtual Document Object Model(DOM) that provides exceptional functionality. In addition, it offers extra flexibility and simplicity. Companies other than Facebook, like Instagram and Netflix, have adopted React for their applications.

When to use React?

  1. It will be best if you use React when you have hands-on experience with JavaScript.
  2. It is used to develop UI, especially when we want to develop single-page applications.
  3. React update all changes done by the user with no effect on other parts of the interface as it works with Virtual DOM and applies abstract copies of the actual DOM.
  4. It is the most robust framework as you can reuse the components of every level with no changes in them.
  5. It is an ideal platform for those who need a stable codebase.

React has following Advantages and Drawbacks:

Difference Between React vs Angular vs Vue
React Advantages and Drawbacks

2. Angular

Angular is another popular typescript-based open-source framework developed by Google in 2016. It was developed to solve google scale problems and to bridge the gap between increasing technology and conventional concepts. Over the years, Angular stands out as a top 3 framework because of its two-way binding feature, i.e., it provides real-time synchronization between the model and the view. Thus, any change in the model instantly reflects on the view. Companies like BMW, Xbox, and many more have adopted Angular for their applications.

When to use Angular?

  1. When you want to build an application with ample resources and multiple events, use Angular.
  2. It boosts the performance of web-based applications by updating the content in real-time as it uses two-way binding.
  3. Angular should be used when you have high community support.
  4. It is the best choice for enterprise-based applications,  web apps, progressive web apps, and multi-page web apps.

Angular has following Advantages and Drawbacks:

Top 3 Frontend Frameworks of 2021 for Web Development
Angular Advantages and Drawbacks

3. Vuejs

Vuejs is one of the most popular front-end framework developed by Evan You. It is simple and good at removing the complexities faced by Angular developers. Vuejs offers both the significant advantages of React and Angular, i.e., it has a virtual Document Object Model(DOM) and 2-way binding. Vuejs is highly versatile and can be integrated with different libraries to build higher projects. It allows you to build web and mobile apps and progressive web apps. Companies like Alibaba, 9gag, Reuters, Xiaomi have adopted Vuejs for their projects.

When to use Vuejs?

  1. It is highly flexible and versatile to help you with multiple tasks.
  2. Build to optimize app performance and solve complexities.

Vuejs has following Advantages and Drawbacks:

Vuejs Advantages and Drawbacks


There are plenty of options to choose when developing a visually appealing website with an unforgettable user experience. So it is not such a great option to understand and have the practical knowledge of all frameworks to select one. I would recommend you to take the advice of your senior developer who can guide you better about practical advantages and drawbacks about frameworks.

Which feature of React vs Angular vs Vue is more significant for your usage? Tell us in comments below.

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