Crunchyroll to Offer Three Months of Xbox Game Pass for PC

Crunchyroll has yet another surprise for its users. In view of the ongoing Crunchyroll Expo, the website collaborated with Microsoft to give three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC to its premium users. The Crunchyroll Expo is live and the event is host to various panels. The Expo begins on August 5 and stays live up till August 7 unveiling new projects and shows.

If you’re already not familiar with Xbox Game Pass, it is Xbox’s subscription-style game service. To further add, Xbox offers a regular Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate. It is important to note, Crunchyroll Premium Members are to get the regular Xbox Game Pass and not its ultimate counterpart. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers some additional perks than the regular pass such as Xbox Live Gold and cloud gaming support.

On the other side, Crunchyroll Premium is Crunchyroll’s own membership system. The membership charges a monthly fee. Furthermore, The Premium members get to watch new anime episodes an hour after they air in Japan. Additional benefits include an ad-free back catalog of shows, read-free online manga chapters, and member discounts.

How to Get Xbox Game Pass offered by Crunchyroll for your PC

Crunchyroll Xbox Game Pass PC

You can get three months of Xbox Game Pass offered by Crunchyroll after purchasing the Crunchyroll Premium Membership. You should have the Crunchyroll Premium Membership only then do you get to have the three months of Xbox Game Pass for your PC.

If you already have the Crunchyroll Premium Membership you can go on their website to grab the offer. However, if you’re new to Crunchyroll you can purchase the premium membership to get free three months of Xbox Game Pass. It’ll be a win-win situation for you as you get to enjoy best of the both worlds. Be it binging on the latest anime first or playing great titles you get to have both.

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