Corpse Husband Face Reveal Drama Explained

Corpse Husband is one of the most coveted streamers on the internet who recently had a face reveal. He had been in the industry for quite some time. His popularity grew amidst the Among Us craze during the COVID. He has a humongous fanbase, with over 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone. His fans have been trying to get a glimpse of his life, which the streamer chose to keep private. Unfortunately, the face reveal has mustered negative reactions from his fans.

Corpse Husband Face Reveal

Corpse Husband Face Reveal Drama Explained
Corpse Husband | Source: Youtube

The streamer’s face has reportedly been revealed several times in the past. It was especially on the 26th of September, some posts went viral on Twitter which revealed the real face of Corpse Husband. These posts received a lot of attention but it is yet to be declared if the person is Corpse Husband himself.

Negative Reactions from Critics

His followers reacted quite negatively to the face reveal, tossing all kinds of hateful comments and bullying the streamer. Even though it is not revealed if the face belongs to the streamer, the bullies have taken advantage of this opportunity to belittle him for his appearance. Some of his fans called out to the double standards of the bullies who were once eager to see him and now demean the streamer when they finally get to see him.

Support from other Fans

Some of the friends and fans of Corpse Husband backed him up and slammed the haters for bullying and spewing negative comments on someone’s appearance. They pointed out that the streamer never claimed to be an attractive person, hence the haters have no right to bully him when his appearance didn’t meet their standards.

They also mentioned that Corpse Husband suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, therefore he chose not to reveal his face to avoid such hateful comments. Moreover, if the face reveal does not belong to the streamer, it is horrible to see people defaming the appearance of someone they don’t even know.

Moreover, after witnessing the entire futile drama, it is justified why Corpse Husband was not comfortable with a face reveal. He is yet to speak on the situation.

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