Cookie Clicker Easy Achievements You Can Unlock Quickly

The never-ending game Cookie clicker has more than 500 Achievements for you to unlock. In this article, we list a few of Cookie Clicker Easy Achievements and how to unlock them.

I. Cookie Clicker Easy Achievements:

Source: Cookie Clicker
  • Casual Baking – You can obtain this one by baking 1 cookie per second.
  • Hardcore Baking – You can obtain this one by baking 10 cookies per second.
  • Wake And Bake – You need to just bake 1 cookie without closing the game for this achievement.
  • Making Some Dough – For this, you have to bake 1000 cookies without closing the game.
  • So Baked Right Now –  You have to bake 1,00,000 cookies without exiting the game for this one.
  • Clicktastic – For this one, you have to click the big cookie on the right 1000 times.
  • Cookie Dunker – You can earn this achievement by dipping/dunking the cookie in the milk. For that enlarge the Cookie Clicker window until the cookie’s bottom is completely covered by the milk.
  • Click – You need to have 1 cursor from the store for this.
  • Double Click – You need to get one more cursor from the store to get this one.
  • Grandma’s Cookies –  To obtain this you have to get a grandma from the store who bakes 1 cookie each second.
  • Just Wrong – You will have to sell one grandma, to unlock this. To accomplish this, visit the store, switch to the sell mode, then click on “Grandma”.
  • Bought The Farm – To obtain this you have to buy a Farm from the store which bakes 8 cookies each second.
  • You Know The Drill – You need to get a mine from the store for this achievement.
  • Golden Cookie – For this, you need to click once on the golden cookie which appears randomly and rarely on any part of the screen.
  • Tabloid Addiction – You need to click on the news ticker at the top of the screen at least 50 times to get this achievement. 
  • Olden Days – You have to locate and select the “Forgotten Madeleine” for this. You can find it by selecting the “Info” tab and then completely scrolling to the bottom. It is in the lower right corner where you will find a golden egg-like icon. Click on that golden icon to unlock this achievement.
  • What’s In A Name – By renaming your bakery, you can obtain this achievement. Simply write something and then click confirm after clicking the empty name field in the upper left corner of the screen to accomplish this.
  • God Complex  – For this you need to name your bakery “Orteil”.
  • Here You Go – Simply clicking the achievement slot between “What’s in a name” and “Tabloid addiction” will unlock this achievement. You need to click on the “Stats” page and scroll down until you see the achievements area.
  • Tiny Cookie – You can get Tiny cookie achievement by clicking one of the tiny cookies in the “General” section of the “Stats” tab.

II. Conclusion:

All the achievements can be obtained without much effort. If you are wondering how to do those click-based tasks then you can use an auto clicker application for it. We hope that this article helped you.

III. About Cookie Clicker:

In 2013, French programmer Julien “Orteil” Thiennot developed the incremental game Cookie Clicker. A single cookie is awarded for each click when the user first selects a large cookie on the screen.

Then, they can use the cookies they have earned to buy items like “cursors” and other “buildings” that generate cookies automatically. Aside from a number of other mechanisms that let the user earn cookies in various ways, upgrades are also available that can boost the effectiveness of clicks and buildings. 

Hundreds of achievements can be earned in the game, which has no end, and players can strive to attain certain cookie milestones.

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