How to kill Hoof Puff in Biomutant

While you’re moving ahead in your journey to save the “Tree of Life” in Biomutant, you have to defeat bosses to move further and complete the missions. While moving on your way after defeating Porky Puff, you’ll find another world eater Hoof Puff.

However, you have to find Mjut to makes the journey a bit faster and help you in the battle with Hoof Puff.

1. How to Beat Hoof Puff in Biomutant?

Hoof Puff is the Northeastern Worldeater that also absorb the “Tree of Life” energy. The third boss in Biomutant can be easily defeated with the help of Mjut.

After speaking with Noko, move forward to the area marked on the map to track down the lost Mjut that helps you in battle with the third boss. Moreover, follow your quest markers to find Glittermoth Grotto and taming the Mjut, head back to Noko.

How to kill Hoof Puff in Biomutant
Battle with Hoof Puff

I. Location of Hoof Puff in Biomutant

The location of the Northeastern Worldeater has already been marked on your map after bringing Glittermoths to Noko. Hoof Puff Place is located at the North-East in the Biomutant map where you’ll meet the boss behind the caves and now, get ready for the battle.

When you get close to the tunnel’s entrance, you’ll find that it’s obstructed by some rubble. Approach the cave’s entrance and press the appropriate button to attach a rope to the rubble and drag it away with the help of the Mjut.

After crossing the tunnel, you’ll find the arena where Hoof Puff is sitting on the cliff of the arena. Jump into the arena and challenge the boss for a fight. Now, the battle will begin with Hoof puff and it will last into three phases in Biomutant.

II. First Phase

Initially, observe the arena while you are in between the arena, riding the Mjut. Now, get ready to take a fight against Hoof Puff. You’ll also notice that Hoof Puff does not have a health bar to begin this fight.

In order to deal damage to the boss, you’ll need to target pink balls like objects on each of his four legs. So, let’s start by aiming at one of the pink balls on his leg and deal damage to it.

You can ride close to the massive metal poles around the arena and quickly hit the indicated button near it to bring them down, the same as how you opened the tunnel to get to the arena. The pole will fall onto Hoof Puff, temporarily grounding it and exposing it to injury. While it’s not moving, this is an excellent time to target the pink ball on its leg.

How to kill Hoof Puff in Biomutant
Hoof Puff

Shooting a pink ball on his leg and keep avoiding his attacks. He will be stunned and will open its enormous mouth once its health bar has decreased by around 1/6th. Riding close to it, quickly hit the indicated button to hook your rope to it and take one of its teeth out and repeat the process so, its health bar should drop down by a total of one-third.

III. Second Phase

Now, that you’ve dealt so much damage to Hoof Puff, Hoof Puff’s tail will now resemble that of a peacock. He’ll start shooting spiky projectiles from its tail right away, so start strafing left or right to evade the attacks.

How to kill Hoof Puff in Biomutant
Hoof Puff’s tail

Begin riding towards Hoof Puff while avoiding the spiky projectiles once you’ve gathered your bearings. You’ll be asked to let go of the Glittermoths you’ve collected. Shoot the Glittermoths using the left trigger while aiming for its mouth.

Hoof Puff should be distracted if all goes smoothly. Take use of this little window of opportunity to ride close to it and bind up its legs by clicking the correct button quickly.

You’ll have more time to unleash fire on Hoof Puff now that it’s hogtied and on the ground. It will eventually be able to free itself and stand up.

Distract the Glittermoths by binding its feet and shooting at it until the health bar reaches the last checkpoint.

IV. Third Phase

Finally, Hoof Puff will start spewing a hazardous green goop from its mouth, covering the floor and injuring you if you walk through it. It will still fire projectiles at you, so try to avoid both threats as you approach the Hoof Puff. When it asks you to use the Glittermoths, aim them at Hoof Puff’s face.

How to kill Hoof Puff in Biomutant
Hazardous green goop

Tie it up the same way you did before, and fire at it while it’s on the ground. Hoof Puff will vomit additional goo across the arena once it has broken loose, making navigating difficult.

While continuing to shoot at the pink balls to stun it, avoid the goo and projectiles, dodge Hoof Puff’s lunging attacks and swipes, and pile on the ranged damage whenever you can.

Your Sifu will praise you once again once you defeat Hoof Puff and tell you that Out-of-Date is waiting for you at the Ark. To finish this section of the quest, speak with Noko, and you’ll be able to give her a spot on the Ark.

2. Conclusion

It is rather tough to kill third boss Hoof Puff in Biomutant. To beat this Northeastern Worldeater Hoof Puff, you need both Glittermoths and Mjut that helps you in defeating the boss and dodging his attacks in Biomutant. You must target the pink balls on each of his four legs and pluck his tooth that helps you in taking him down.

Mind the gap from his deadly attacks like hazardous green goop and shooting spiky projectiles that slaughters you in one go. Keep dodging his attacks and shooting on his leg to make him weak. Repeat the process until you defeat the boss.

We hope that you now know how to beat the Northeastern Worldeater Hoof Puff in Biomutant and please let us know about your experience by commenting us below.

3. About Biomutant

Developed by Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic, Biomutant is a single-player, open-world, action role-playing game. The game is playable in a third-person perspective as a mammalian warrior in a world filled with mutated animals. Biomutant has in-game abilities to use, and the combat system includes melee attacks along with long-range shooting. The game is available on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

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