Resident Evil Village: Heisenberg Key Location in RE 8

There are many objects hidden in each one of those boss houses for you to collect and redeem into a large amount of Lie points. After eliminating Salvatore Moreau, you progress further into the game and head towards the Heisenberg factory. You can find the Heisenberg Key there at the factory, and the key ultimately leads you to the Heisenberg Hammer.

In this guide we are going to tell you the location of Heisenberg Key so stay put.

1. How to find the Heisenberg Key?

Finding the Heisenberg key in Resident Evil Village is sure not a quick task. You have to first find the key mold and then generate the key with the help of the Casting Machine. Here’s how to find the key mold in Heisenberg Factory.

I. Find the Key Mold

The first step to getting the Heisenberg Key is to get the Key Mold. Finding the Key Mold is quite an extensive task. You first have to turn on the backup generator by using a large cog built by cog mold with the help of the casting machine.

Location of Cog Mold
Location of Cog Mold

Once you’ve turned the Backup generator on, you can hear Heisenberg’s voice echoing in the factory, still trying to persuade you to go against Miranda alongside him. Proceed further down below the generator room to encounter another bunch of Soldats.

Furthermore, after killing those Soldats, take the stairs and head towards the gate with glowing red lights on it. Destroy each light with your knife to open the gate.

i. Go towards lift controls

Once the door is unlocked, proceed further towards the lift controls section in the Map. There you’ll get to see another door similar to the one you just make your way through. Open the gate in a similar fashion by destroying the glowing red targets with your knife.

Location of the second gate
Location of the second gate

Once successfully unlocked, the door will lead you to the switch. Turn on the switch to lower down the platform for you to cross through. Keep up straight ahead until you come across the third gate of the same kind.

ii. Sturm Re-Appears

Remember Sturm, the Soldat with an aircraft engine attached to his head? Bad for you, He’s back! As soon as you make your way through the door, he’ll re-appear and come after you. However, no need to worry you can easily outrun him and save the battle with him for later.

Sturm Re-Appears
Sturm Re-Appears

iii. Duke’s Shop

As you manage to run from the grasp of Sturm, you then reach the elevator switch. You can use the switch to get into the Duke’s Shop and fill up your inventory.

Location of Elevator Switch
Location of Elevator Switch

iv. Go into the tunnel

Climb the ladder right next to the Duke’s shop and keep moving forward. Furthermore, climb down another ladder, and you’ll find yourself in a tunnel. You’ll find a bunch of Haulers in the tunnel, quickly take them down to move ahead in the game.

As you progress further into the tunnel, you’ll see a giant shaft in the middle. Beat all the haulers over there, look down below over to the small entrance in the area and go inside it.

Go into the small entrance to find Heisenberg Location
Go into the small entrance

v. Grinder Shaft

The small entrance will lead you to the Grinder Shaft. There at the shaft, take stairs and keep moving upwards. Midway you’ll encounter two advanced modified Soldats. They have more armor and are highly weaponized than the regular ones. Take them easily using your shotgun.

Modified Soldat
Modified Soldat

vi. Take down the Grinder

After taking them down, keep moving upwards until you have a clear shot on the Grinder Shaft. Shoot the four glowing red targets on the grinder to disable it. The targets can easily be spotted up above from different angles.

Disable the Grinder by shooting at the red glowing targets to get Heisenberg Key
Disable the Grinder by shooting at the red glowing targets

vii. Go inside the Ventilator

After taking down the grinder, you can now climb your way up through it. Once on top of it, keep moving ahead until you find the Factory Map (Upper Levels). As you continue going further, you’ll find yourself being sucked by a giant fan. Shoot the red glowing center of the fan to stop it.

Location of Factory Map
Location of Factory Map

Once shot at the center, the fan’s blades will blow away, allowing you to go through it. Move ahead carefully along the pipes and climb the ladder until you reach the valve.

viii. Take the lift

Furthermore, open the valve and then take the lift to go up ahead. Keep going ahead and then step onto the lift and activate it. The lift will lead you to the room containing the treasure chest. Inside the chest, you will find the Key Mold.

II. Go to the Casting Machine

Once you’ve successfully acquired the Key Mold, all you have to do is reach the Casting Machine. Exit the room containing the treasure chest and then climb the ladder leading to the elevator switch.

i. Return to Duke

Activate the switch and step into the elevator. It is at the B4 where the casting machine lies, so reach B4 by using the elevator. Exit the elevator and go take a sharp left turn towards the door. Once past the door keep moving ahead until you find more Soldats in your way.

Don’t try to battle the Soldats in close range. They can prove to be fatal. However, if the situation arises as such, some shotguns shot at their red glowing weak points will do the trick.

Kill the remaining Soldats to find Heisenberg Key
Kill the remaining Soldats

III. Put the Key Mould into the Casting Machine to generate Heisenberg Key

After eliminating the last of Soldats, you’ll finally reach Foundry. The Heisenberg Key is located or rather built with the help of the Casting Machine at the foundry. Furthermore, head over to the machine and select the Key Mold from the inventory. After doing so will finally give you access to the Heisenberg Key

Heisenberg Key Location in RE 8

2. Conclusion

Obtaining the Heisenberg Key located at the Foundry in Resident Evil 8 is a cumbersome process and requires patience. However, the results are rewarding. It gives you access to the Heisenberg Quarters and the door at B1in the Heisenberg Factory.

Inside the Heisenberg Quarters, you’ll find Mechanical Part (Shaft) , the other part required to build the Heisenberg Hammer. The Hammer can be traded with Duke for 45,000 Lei. Thus a worthy treasure to collect.

As far as the journey to find the key is concerned, collect all the ammo and Lie points on the way to upgrade your arsenal. The upgrades will come in handy when you’ll progress further in the game to confront Karl Heisenberg, the factory owner himself.

3. About Resident Evil Village

The latest 8th addition to the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom launched Resident Evil Village on 8 May 2021. A survival horror game powered by RE Engine sets the scene after the horrifying events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. The story revolves around the protagonist Ethan who goes against all evil odds to get back his kidnapped daughter. The game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and PC.

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