ColorOS 13: Features, Supported Devices, and Launch Timeline

Oppo is in talks after unveiling the launch date of ColorOS 13, which is going to be the following version of its unique Android skin. When Google launched the Android 13 developer preview in February 2022 for a limited number of devices, giving us a sneak peek at the features of Android 13. Most likely, these functionalities will also be available on ColorOS 13. Read more to find out about ColorOS 13 features, supported devices, and launch time. 

ColorOS 13: Features (Expected)

Below are the new features to expect in ColorOS 13:

I. Quick Settings

Some major updates will be included in Quick settings, which is also known as Control Center in ColorOS 13. Control Center icons’ shapes will reportedly be customizable in ColorOS 13. It is similar to how certain launchers let you alter the icon shapes of your apps, such as circles, squares, etc.

II. Optimized Animation

With every significant update, Oppo makes improvements to the animations of its unique user interface. Quantum Animation Engine 4.0 for fluid animation is anticipated in ColorOS 13. As a result, it will improve animations for switching between apps, opening apps, and other functions.

ColorOS 13: Features, Supported Devices, and Launch Timeline
ColorOS 13 | Source: Oppo

III. Low latency and enhanced battery performance

It’s anticipated that ColorOS 13 will improve battery performance. As a result, the ColorOS 13 upgrade will give your Oppo phone better battery life. Lower latency compared to ColorOS 12 would be another performance-related benefit.

IV. Security Features 

The security and privacy choices provided by Android 13 would incorporate into ColorOS 13 along with similar customizability capabilities as the Material design.

V. Big app folders

Large app folders will sport the home screen in ColorOS 13. Three apps in a row are allowed in the folder, which can hold up to 9 square-shaped apps. Additionally, users will be able to open the program without first opening the folder. These folders will resemble huge widgets in size.

VI. Latest Flagships/ Handsets

Users may anticipate the redesigned UI getting released with the future Reno and Find flagships. The most current Color OS upgrade will also be made available to the recently released Reno8 line of Oppo handsets.

ColorOS 13 Supported devices

Although the company hasn’t yet disclosed the full list of gadgets that qualify for the ColorOS 13 update. But the ColorOS 13 Beta Version was made available for OPPO Find X5 Pro and Find X5 devices last week. Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, France, and Australia were all eligible for the beta program. The ColorOS 13 beta update is also available for the foldable OPPO Find N.

ColorOS 13 Launch Timeline

The Android 13-based ColorOS 13 custom skin from Oppo will soon be available to all its users worldwide. The ColorOS 13 will be available globally on August 18, 2022. The company is holding an online launch party for the new Oppo phones’ next-generation user interface. The Oppo official YouTube and Twitter feed will show a live video of the ColorOS 13 launch event (4.30 PM IST).

ColorOS 13: Features, Supported Devices, and Launch Timeline
ColorOS 13 | Source: Oppo

Oppo has certainly improved many features and customers’ experience over time. The ColorOS is the most sophisticated android skin yet. With ColorOS 13 features, the software performance of Oppo smartphones will get enhanced even further. 

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