Clash Royale Summer Update 2022 Brings Battle Banners, Banner Tokens and a Lot More

Clash Royale TV Royale just posted a video about Clash Royale Summer Update 2022 and there a lot of new features is coming witht the update. TV Royale Summer Update video hosted by Max and Drew. They both talk about some of the most excitement features and updates coming in Clash Royale Summer Update 2022. Here is the list of everything they revealed in the video:

  1. Battle Banners
  2. Mythical Banner Boxs
  3. Banner Tokens
  4. 3rd Set of Mastery Tasks for Only 10 Cards
  5. A Player Profile Revamp
  6. New Achievement Badges
  7. Duels are Aviable Outside the Clan Wars
  8. New Duel Deck Option in the Deck
  9. A New Ban Pick Duel
  10. Trader Moved to the Shop Section
  11. Volume Slider Added to the Settings
  12. Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

Let’s talk about them in details.

What is Battle Banner in Clash Royale?

Battle Banners are brand new cosmetic items that allows you to customize your profile to show other players who you are and what you have achieved. It just represents you style. Battle Banner will be shown at the start of the each battle as you can see in the image below.

Battle Banner

It will consist of new items frame and the decoration as well as 3 badges of your choice for showcase. You can customized your battle banner with matching frame and decoration from your own collections.

How to Get Battle Banner in Clash Royale?

You can obtain battle banners by opening new mythical box called The Banner Box. You need Banner Tokens or gems to open the Banner Box. A total of 100 Banner tokens you need to open the 1 Banner Box, you can only hold upto 200 Banner Tokens.

Clash Royale Summer Update 2022 Brings Battle Banners, Banner Tokens and a Lot More
Banner Box

You don’t need to worry about getting same banner multiple times because that’s not going to happen. Every time you open a Banner Box you will get a differnt banner. Each season there will be new banner frames and decorations within the Banner Box.

Clash Royale Summer Update 2022 Brings Battle Banners, Banner Tokens and a Lot More
Sneakpeak of Rare Battle Banners

How to Get Banner Tokens to Open Banner Boxs?

You can earn Banner Tokens from speacial challenges and from the 3rd Set of Mastery Task which will introduce in this update. By completing Mastery Task you will get Banner Tokens.

Opening Banner Box with Banner Tokens

Moreover, 3rd Set of Mastery Tasks are only avaible for Only 10 Cards such as:

  • Electro Spirit
  • Arrorws
  • Motar
  • Earthquake Spell
  • Wizard
  • Wall Breaker
  • Pekka
  • Log
  • Archer Queen
  • Mega Knight
3rd Set of Mastery Tasks

The new tasks for these cards unlock at Card Level 14 and reward you with the new Banner Tokens! These are the trickiest Mastery Tasks yet.

Keep an eye out for other sources that will give out Banner Tokens in the future!

Clash Royale

Also if the Banner Box disapper from the shop than it means you have already collected all ther Banner of that paticular season.

Note: You will 100 Banner Token free and 6 Battle Banner items for free when the update drops.

New Achievement Badges

New Achievement Badges will be coming in the game.

  • Clan Wars 2
  • Donations
  • Collection Level
  • Supercell Creator
  • Banner Collection
  • 2v2
  • Emote
  • CRL badges for both spectators and competitors
  • ??? (Not Revealed Yet)

Changes in Duel Battle

Now you can duel battle outside the clan the wars. To make it easy for players a new Duel Decks will be added to the collection tab. Also there will a new type of duel coming in this Clash Royale Summer Update 2022.

A New Ban Pick Duel

A New Ban Pick Duel

Open Duel will be same as the clan duel battles you are doing till now. The second one is the new Ban Pick Duel. In this players will ban two of their opponent decks and then choose one of the remaining two decks to battle. Moerover, this mode is a single battle mode no best of 3.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Private Tournament UI
  • Fixed a rare crash with the main deck builders
  • Fixed a crash in the Challenge deck builders
  • Fixed an issue with the name change dialog that could potentially cause a disconnect
  • Fix for some special characters not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed the inconsistency with Boat Battle deployment zones
  • Fix for Draft choices leading to cards that were outside of the specified Draft sets
  • Fix for Private Tournament creation ‘randomly’ failing
  • Fix for the magical Deck Wizard trying to assign more than one Champion to a deck
  • Fix for the iOS native copy option removing the URL from the “invite to clan” message
  • Fix for the deck builder behaving erratically if the user switched decks in the middle of editing
  • Fix for personal best scores displaying incorrectly on some Player Profiles
  • Fix for players sometimes being awarded a chest that is not from their Arena
  • Fix for a deck showing incorrectly when skipping past the ‘Pick’ phase in a Draft replay
  • Star levels are now hidden when viewing card info screens from the Clan UI
  • Removed the ability to upgrade your own cards when viewing a Clanmate’s cards
  • Removed Trophy values from the spectator view
  • Removed the ability to tap on the ‘Clan’ button in the Player Profile of a player who does not belong to a Clan
  • Implemented a change to Legendary chests when the player has not yet reached an Arena that unlocks Legendary cards
  • Added a number of Challenge events to the list of modes that can level up Badges
  • Numerous UI improvements (making things look pretty)
  • Various new loading screen tips have been added

About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a F2P video game developed and published by Supercell. The game was released globally on March 2, 2016. The game consists of various elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. Clash Royale is available for Android and iOS only. 

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