Clash of Clan New Town Hall 14

Clash of Clan’s developer Supercell released the Townhall 13 way back in December 2019, and now after one year and four months, a new level Town Hall 14, has been introduced in the game. The recent Spring update 2021 is now live and comes with the new Town Hall 14.

1. How much gold and time is required for the upgrade?

Town Hall 14 is the new level increase in your main village, and it’s Jungle- theme town hall. It costs you 16 Million golds. It will take 20 days to upgrade to Town Hall 14 on a normal basis. But if you use portions and gems, it will take less time.

2. What will you get in Town Hall 14?

On upgrading to Town Hall 14, you will get:-

I. New Capacities of Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir

  • 2M Gold 
  • 2M Elixir 
  • 20K Dark Elixir

II. Defensive mechanism of Town Hall 14

It will remain the same as the town hall of 13. It still has Giga inferno that deals with multiple enemies simultaneously in his defense and will upgrade to level 5. Its hit points increase to 8900.

But there is a new defense mechanism when town hall 14 is destroyed by enemy troops, a Giant Poison Bomb drop on an enemy that deals damage, slows enemy attack, and movement speed.

III. Builder Hut Defensive Turret 

The builder hut can now upgrade to the Builder hut defensive Turret in which it will attack the enemy and help the builder repair nearby defenses.

IV. New troops level, Spell Level, Heros level, New Buildings/Traps/Defense level

i. New Troop Levels

  • Level 10 Barbarian
  • Level 10 Archer
  • Level 10 Wall Breaker
  • Level 7 Healer
  • Level 8 Baby Dragon
  • Level 10 Minion
  • Level 9 Valkyrie
  • Level 6 Ice Golem

ii. New Spell Levels

  • Level 7 Clone
  • Level 8 Poison

iii. New Hero Levels

  • Barbarian King Level 80 → Iron Fist Level 16
  • Archer Queen Level 80 → Royal Cloak Level 16
  • Grand Warden Level 55 → Eternal Tome + Life Aura Level 11
  • Royal Champion Level 30 → Seeking Shield Level 6
Heroes in Clash of Clan

iv. New Defense/Building/Trap Levels

  • Level 12 Laboratory
  • Level 10 Clan Castle
  • Level 15 Gold Storage
  • Level 15 Elixir Storage
  • Level 9 Dark Elixir Storage
  • Level 20 Cannon
  • Level 13 Hidden Tesla
  • Level 9 Bomb Tower
  • Level 8 Inferno Tower
  • Level 5 Eagle Artillery
  • Level 3 Scattershot
  • Level 10 Bomb
  • Level 15 Wall
  • 1x Air Bomb
  • 1x Seeking Air Mine
  • 1x Skeleton Trap
  • 1x Bomb
  • 1x Giant Bomb
  • 25x Wall pieces

v. Additional Changes 

  • Level 6 Clone Spell house space increased from 33 to 34.
  • Super Giant HP reduced by 200.
  • Super Minion DPS decreased by 50. HP increased by 100.
  • Inferno Dragon level 2 DPS decreased from 80-1600 to 79-1580, and HP reduced by 50.
  • Inferno Dragon beam cooldown time increased from 0.5s to 0.6s.
  • Increase max Spell donation count by 1 for Clans of Level 4 and above.
  • Level 8 Inferno Tower will have 6 beams while in Multi-Inferno mode.

Unfortunately, there is no new troops or new building in Town Hall 14. But still, it’s fascinating to play the new Village Base. 

3. About Clash of Clan

Supercell’s Clash of Clans is a free smartphone strategy video game developed and released in Finland. On August 2, 2012, the game was released for iOS platforms, and on October 7, 2013, it was released for Android platforms on Google Play.

The game takes place in a permanent fantasy universe in which the player assumes a village head’s role. Players in Clash of Clans are tasked with creating their village from resources obtained by assaulting other players through the game’s combat features and generating them themselves.

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