Can Litleo be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

There are a lot of shiny versions of Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Getting shiny versions of any Pokemon is quite rare. You need to try hard to get your hands on shiny Pokemons. Furthermore, You have to encounter as many Pokemon as you can in the wild, in raids, and in research tasks to get the Shiny version of Pokemon you want, but what if their shiny version isn’t released in-game yet then it will be a waste of time to find a shiny version of that Pokemon. What about Litleo? Can Litleo be Shiny in Pokemon Go? Can you able to catch a shiny version of Litleo in Pokemon? 

So Litleo is a fire-type Pokemon that was originally found in the Kalos region and was first released in Pokemon Go on Kalos Celebration Event on 2nd December 2020. Litleo can be evolved into Pyroar with the help of 50 Litleo candies. 

Can Litleo be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

The simple answer is Yes, there is a Shiny Litleo in Pokemon Go just released February 1st in the Lunar New Year Event. The shiny version of Litleo has made its Pokemon Go debut. Moreover, Niantic said,

It’s time to celebrate Lunar New Year! Running at the front of the pack during the event is Litleo! If you’re lucky, you just might run into a Shiny Litleo for the first time in Pokémon GO!

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So if you are going to hunt this Pokemon on February 1st, 2022, Spotlight hour you will be able to find the shiny version of Litleo in-game. You will get 2x XP for evolving the Pokemon.

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