How to Build & Destroy Special Sandcastles in Fortnite

Fortnite comes again with its new weekly challenges. On 20th May, week ten challenges of Season 6 has been released. You have to take some time to strategize yourself and figure out the best way to complete the weekly challenges. Here are some exciting challenges for this week with 24,000 experience points each

  • Eliminate a player while swimming – 0/1
  • Deal damage to players within 30 seconds of landing from Battle Bus – 0/150
  • Pickaxe elimination – 0/1
  • Build special sandcastles – 0/3
  • Deal Damage to Descending Supply Drops – 0/100
  • Opponent player structures destroyed in a vehicle – 0/1
  • Destroy special sandcastles – 0/3
  • Time airborne using Hop Floppers and Shockwave Grenades – 100s, 200s, 300s, 400s, 500s. (Legendary Quest)

So here we come up with a guide that tells you how to build & Destroy special sandcastles in Fortnite. 

How to Build & Destroy special Sandcastles in Fortnite
In the Search of Special Sandcastle

Build Special Sandcastles

Fortnite added some exciting tasks for the players, in which two of these weekly challenges are more alike each other. They have to find Sandcastle locations to build and destroy the special sandcastles to get 24,000 exp points. You easily clear this challenge and reach these Sandcastles right after jumping off the battle bus.

Firstly, let’s discuss how to build special sandcastles and where. In Fortnite, you can find only three special sandcastles locations beside every beach in Fortnite.

How to Build & Destroy special Sandcastles in Fortnite
Build Special Sandcastles

Note: Try to find the beach which is near the safe zone because you have run away from storm circle too.

Dirty Docks and the southern edge of Holly Hedges are the suggested location to build your special sandcastles. There you can see the holographic view of a special sandcastle and now you have to interact with the sandcastle to build your own castle. The best way to complete this challenge is to work in a squad instead of going solo because many players will be vying for the same spot to complete the weekly challenges. 

Destroy Special Sandcastles

Similarly, we have to find the best way to destroy the special sandcastles in Fortnite and you can find special sandcastles to destroy on every beachside. But, the best-suggested locations to complete this weekly challenge are Misty Meadows and the northern edge of Craggy Cliffs. You have to travel to the southern edge of the map in Fortnite, towards the beach at Misty Meadows, where you’ll find the special sandcastles. You have to destroy each special sandcastle separately by

How to Build & Destroy special Sandcastles in Fortnite
Destroy Special Sandcastle

The benefit of this challenge is that it can be done in a variety of locations. For example, you can go to the northern edge of Craggy Cliffs, where the land meets the sea, there you’ll find special sandcastles. Once you spot them, destroy them to complete the challenge.

Hopefully, this article helps you a lot in completing your week 10 challenges. Stay with us, and we’ll bring more guides for you, stay happy and safe till. 

About Fortnite

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